Asset Restructuring Expands Financial Solutions Network

Asset Restructuring Expands Financial Solutions Network

Asset Restructuring Expands Financial Solutions Network. Consulting firm assists real estate investors and operators in today’s difficult market.

CEO Glen Fishman of Asset Restructuring LLC.
CEO Glen Fishman of Asset Restructuring LLC.

Many businesses and private owners seek to take advantage of various real estate opportunities and other asset-backed acquisitions and renovations but have found the capital markets especially difficult to navigate to get to a closing. What those individuals experience throughout the alternate capital process is that it is, indeed, daunting, expensive and time consuming. How many of our friends and neighbors have been ripped off by paying high application or commitment fees but come up empty when it’s time to close or fund the loan.

Traditional banks tend to make this procedure difficult, time consuming and for those with less-than stellar credit, a humiliating process that typically ends in failure.

CEO Glen Fishman of Asset Restructuring LLC.

Asset Restructuring LLC takes a different approach, concentrating on the asset in question as the primary collateral, and the experience and knowledge of the borrower rather than his credit score, which is beneficial to many who just want to live the American dream. For instance, if a person walks into a traditional bank to ask for a loan, the banker typically requires at least two years of tax returns at the same job, a large sum of money, endless paperwork and finally, the appraisal. This lengthy formula typically takes up to two months to close.

If an individual does not have all the money required to gain acquisition of a property, for the most part, he or she is out of luck unless investors are found, which takes years of gaining public trust. Many developers and builders run into a dead-end when they find themselves involved in a big project and miscalculate budgets. Many times, they seek to sell or just bail out, succumbing to a huge monetary loss and debt. Or predatory lenders. This is where our consulting firm intervenes, helping the borrower regain control.

Hard money lending and consulting is the area of expertise of Asset Restructuring. We have specialized expertise in the real estate, mortgage and tax lien markets and have spent well over 30 years maximizing distressed assets for the benefit of borrowers and clients.

Finding a proper real estate lender in today’s distressed marketplace can be difficult for various reasons. For instance, the traditional loan requirements of well-established institutions, large banks, mortgage companies and other third-party lenders are based on present values rather than future objectives involving any added-value project.

At Asset Restructuring, real estate entrepreneurs have a hard money lender who understands their business model and who can evaluate the loan quickly and actually close within three weeks, assessing each property to maximize the investment for its clients.

Aside from CEO Glen Fishman’s 30 years of experience inside the volatile and ever changing real estate and mortgage market, he has preserved millions for his institutional clients, turning around failed projects. His lending arm has closed over $100 million this year alone.

The firm takes a hands-on approach to each asset to create and add value to projects. Their success can be seen in commercial and residential assets, mortgage acquisitions, refi and tax liens.

While the firm does not offer workshops, it tailors a solution for every client. It will help you map out your next project, from point A to point B.

The firm has worked with big clients such as hedge funds, Monarch Alternative Capital, Westport Capital Partners, Del Mar Funds, M.D. Sass, Sherman Financial Group and others. Targeted clients include real estate professionals, builders, investors and developers. The way the firm has managed to thrive is through financial advisory and lending. Fishman and his team travel to every property obtained to evaluate it before acting upon an exit strategy.

With broad experience in real estate consulting and financing, Asset Restructuring provides efficient and dedicated service to each of its clients.

The firm essentially is an asset-based lender that focuses on your property and not the borrower. It offers custom financing solutions for your acquisitions, rehab or refinancing in a fast and efficient manner.

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