Brenda Gelfand’s 2021 Rosh Hashanah Message
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Brenda Gelfand’s 2021 Rosh Hashanah Message

Read community insights, perspectives and opportunities seen as we enter into the 5782/ 2021 New Year.

Brenda Gelfand
Brenda Gelfand

Since last year was a year of so many political and unexpected issues including COVID-19, politics, race relations, immigration, the healthcare crisis, police defunding, the Me Too movement, climate change, etc., there are many new opportunities to consider in the upcoming 5782 New Year.

I want to focus my attention on living my life to the fullest and not take anything or anyone for granted. Life can change in a minute, and it is very important to make the most of all new opportunities in the year ahead.

I will make sure that I spend more quality time with my family and friends, start traveling to places that I have always dreamed of going, pick up new hobbies, and take better care of myself by eating healthier and exercising more.

Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy New Year and hoping our opportunities will be more positive in all aspects of our lives in the upcoming 5782 Year!

Brenda Gelfand is a senior account manager for the AJT.

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