Davis Academy Class of 2022
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Davis Academy Class of 2022

Three Davis graduates spoke to the Atlanta Jewish Times about their best school memories, what they think about the future and where they are heading after high school.

(From left) Lauren Amato; Moncie Cranman; Scott Silverman
(From left) Lauren Amato; Moncie Cranman; Scott Silverman

On Thursday, May 26, The Davis Academy sent off its eighth-grade class of 2022 with a graduation ceremony at the Lower School Theater.

Three Davis graduates spoke to the Atlanta Jewish Times about their best school memories, what they think about the future and where they are heading after high school.

Scott Silverman
I went to Davis because my older brother, Frankie, went there and he liked it. My parents and my brother all enjoyed his years there. Next year, I look forward to joining my brother at Weber High School.

The teachers are special and unique at Davis. They were always there for me, encouraging me to strive to do my best and to succeed.

Thursday morning reflection with Ms. Stein was a meaningful experience for me. Ms. Stein made it special because she used it as an opportunity for us to learn something new, de-stress before a test, say something we’re grateful for and other interesting topics.

Playing in a band with my friends, at the Davis Middle School talent shows, is another experience I’ll never forget. Mr. Michek’s music program is cool because he taught a lot of people how to play different musical instruments, many whom had never played before.

The world is not at a great point right now, but we’re working towards improving it. My hope for the future is that we can live in a world with less poverty, hatred and violence.

Moncie Cranman
I was looking forward to going to Davis, especially because my friend, Rafa, and his sister were going there.

One of my first memorable or aha moments happened when I attended my first grade in Kabbalat Shabbat. It was such a wonderful feeling, and you could see that everyone cared about each other. What a great moment when I realized that none of us was out there on their own!

And in Jerusalem, at the Western Wall, I could see, with my own eyes, what it means to be Jewish.

Next year, I will attend Riverwood High School.

Lauren Amato
Things seem a little chaotic in my life right now but transitioning to high school will be a learning curve for all of us. I will be attending North Springs High School. It will be different. I am excited and a little anxious.

Overnight trips made me realize how special my bond is with friends. Waterfalls on one of the trips, a retreat at Camp Ramah in north Georgia, was really special and fun and a great memory.

The Davis class trip to Israel was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget. I have fantastic memories from my education at Davis that I know will always be a part of who I am. Graduating is a big achievement, and I worked hard over many years to get here.

Graduates included:
Lauren Amato

Mason Maslia
Benjamin Barkan

Abbi Meyer
Blake Cohen

Ari Milrud
Moncie Cranman

Aubrey Nelms
Alanna Diamond

Gavin Nelson
Alex Dunowitz

Ava Peck
Sharla Dunowitz

Ethan Peck
Joshua Eichenholz

Levi Perlstein
Peyton Frank

Henry Reizenson
Sadie Ganz

Ryan Retter
Alina Gluzman

Layla Rothberg
Jack Goldstein
Devin Golivesky

Rafael Saitowitz
Zoe Gordon

Tahel Shantzer
Joshua Greenberg

Aaron Shenk
Arii Iroff

Scott Silverman
Adam Jacobson

Avery Slipakoff
Nina Joshua

Andrew Smolen
Josh Kaplan

Danny Sobel
Sophie Katz

Jamie Steuer
Drew Kaufman

Gabrielle Swartz
Max Kaufman

Tyler Swartz
Joshua Layton

Mason Toporek
Dylan Lichstrahi

Jordan Ulin
Daryn Mand

Harris Unell
Annie Marcus

Ava Wilensky

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