Follow Kislev’s Path Toward Peace

Follow Kislev’s Path Toward Peace

New Moon Meditations by Dr. Terry Segal

Rosh Chodesh Kislev began on Thursday, Dec. 1. Kislev is the month of miracles, rainbows, dreams and dreamers.

Dr. Terry Segal
Dr. Terry Segal

The zodiac sign is Sagittarius; Hebrew letter, samech; tribe, Benjamin; sense, sleep; and controlling organ, belly.

In the aftermath of our presidential election, there is no greater focus than on PEACE: People Embracing and Accepting Community Everywhere.

The task is ours. As we’re cloaked in the darkness of the season, we must become candles that light the path toward peace.

The zodiac sign of Sagittarius in Hebrew is Keshet, or rainbow, represented by the archer, who is half-man, half-horse. Sagittarians are good-hearted, just, peace-seeking intellectuals known for speaking the truth.

The Hebrew letter samech is associated with trust and supporting the fallen. Our nation is behaving as if we have fallen into an abyss. From “The Enchanted Journey,” my life’s work to banish stress and create a life of enchantment, we are in the Dungeon of Doom. Let’s get out.

The tribe is Benjamin, the 12th son of Jacob and the only one born in the Promised Land. Joy and sorrow coexisted at his birth because we simultaneously lost his mother, Rachel.

For some, the change in national leadership represents a death, but we’re not without personal power. We can’t control world events, but we can choose how we respond to them.

Sleep is the sense this month, with Hashem always watching over us. We’re not alone. Our waking and sleeping dreams can inspire us. Inspiration is the “immediate influence of G-d.” It’s the in-breath of spirit. When we sleep, G-d breathes us.

The controlling organ is the belly, which is the third chakra, or the seat of our self-esteem and centering. For those who feel punched in the gut, breathe into it and flood it with divine light.

Meditation focus: If there ever were a time that we need to make life an enchanted journey, it’s now. Turn the darkness to light using 10 Enchanted Keys:

  • Mindfulness — Sit quietly and honor your thoughts and feelings. Release the ones that have disrupted your peace.
  • Altered perceptions — Dragon chatter doesn’t serve you or others. Don’t bond on pain points. Challenge yourself to find something good in each thing that stresses you. It’s there to be found.
  • Journaling — Write your thoughts and feelings in a journal, releasing them from your body, mind and spirit.
  • Sensory experiences — In your corner of the world, how can you find tranquility? What images? What sounds? Scents? Tastes? What textures? How would peace feel?
  • Reduced clutter — Sometimes when you feel chaos “out there,” clear clutter within. Whether it’s your closet or mind, you say what stays and what goes, what fits, and what you’ve outgrown and don’t need. It creates breathing room and an opening for the ahh.
  • Humor — Humor’s a great release. Don’t cross the line into the harm of others. Deep belly laughs release tension and recalibrate your breath.
  • Movement — Work out. Pound the punching bag. Dance and, as the late Gabrielle Roth would say, “Sweat your prayers.” Appropriately release the pent-up Dragons of Stress.
  • Art — Draw your feelings out, literally. Put pen or crayon or paint to paper and have at it. On a large craft sheet, draw symbols and images until it’s all outside you. Dispose of what’s negative and keep what’s positive. Clay requires more muscle and offers an even greater release.
  • Nature — Go outside to be dwarfed by nature and the cosmos. Walk, cry, pray, dream and hope. Move beside tall trees. Lie on the ground and stare at the sky. Regain your perspective as you take your place in this puzzle, gazing at the infinite stars.
  • Meditation — Quiet yourself. Set a vision of peace. Focus on making the world a better and more peaceful place.

The world will balance when each of us has done the work to balance ourselves. Begin it now.

Peace and tranquility to all.

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