Fun Summer Remedies For Restless Kids
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Fun Summer Remedies For Restless Kids

From walking dinosaurs to toys that go splash, these creativity boosters are sure to help your little ones make the most of summer.

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On the run or in the sun, kids just want to have fun. And what better season than summer to capture their curiosity?

Here are some award-winning, terrific toys and age-appropriate ideas that encompass art activities and imagination starters. From walking dinosaurs to toys that go splash, these creativity boosters are sure to help your little ones make the most of summer.

Summertime Fun — Located in Buckhead, Learning Express is open for summertime fun for all ages. Find a match for kids of any age. Games for the entire family include Zingo, CLACK and Crocodile Dentist.

Magna Tiles — magnetic tiles that come in a variety of themes — offer hours of limitless play. And Melissa & Doug’s Explorer sets with the new Let’s Pretend to Garden set to interest kids in nature. Complimentary gift wrap and mailing options available.

Walking Dino Kit — Kids 6 and up will love building these dinosaurs made of wooden pieces that pop together like a puzzle. No tools or glue required to build your prehistoric beast right at home. Clap your hands (or let out your own fierce cry) as you watch your completed dinosaur walk.

Kiwi Crates — Kiwi Crates are unique educational and curiosity builders. The contents of the crates encourage kids with engaging hands-on projects and activities. Check out their Domino Machine (ages 9+) and Jumping Robot (ages 9+). Another great travel-friendly crate is the Monster Mix & Match Art Pack (ages 5+), perfect for on-the-go trips this summer.

Explore the Senses — Sensory boxes are a huge hit from Young, Wild and Friedman. Check out their selection of customized boxes, which come in a variety of themes. Hours of creative exploration and fun!

Wearable, Do-It-Yourself Safety Gear — This line of safety gear (including helmets, pads and now a beginner skateboard) lets kids design their own protective pads with the help of dry-erase pens. Draw, wipe off and draw again! Making safety fun encourages kids to wear their gear without having to remind them.

Wash-Off Nail Polish — Gift your little ones a make-believe beauty parlor with sparkly oops-free nail polish — sans toxic chemicals, of course. Taking off the polish is a piece of cake with soap and water.

Princess For a Day — Tiaras and crowns are easily put together with no mess or stress with stickered jewels in all shapes and colors. Kids 3 and up will enjoy creating an instant well-fitting tiara for the perfect tea party. It’s mess-free, fun and easy crafting. Super Smalls has partnered with Mia’s Miracles to donate one Crown Kit for every one that is purchased.

Fömilator — The Fömilator foam blaster blasts streams of foam for mess-free fun in the backyard. Also check out the Fömalanche. With a press of a button, this portable machine makes piles of light, airy foam to run through and toss in the air.

Birding For Babies — Get your binoculars ready! “Birding for Babies” is a new board book for young readers that will get them flapping their wings about the fascinating world of birds. Instill curiosity in young ones about the world around us and the winged creatures that inhabit it, while teaching them about colors and numbers. — Check out the fun backyard splash pads and bubble machines from Good Banana. Kids will love the Wibbly Wobbly Dinosaur, Flamingo sprinklers and more.

Tee Turtle Unstable Unicorns — Unstable Unicorns is a strategic card game and one of Kickstarter’s top 100 most-backed projects of all time, having sold over a million copies worldwide.

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