GHA at NAJS Tech Fair

GHA at NAJS Tech Fair



Front row, left to right: Jordan Joel, Jacob Grant, Zachary Amdur, Ethan Rolnick, Noa Rudisch, Josh Schulman, Dov Karlin, Ilan Benamram, Matthew Kaplan. Second row, left to right: J.J. Brenner, Josh Alhadeff, Leo Esworthy, Shiraz Agichtein, Daliya Wallenstein, Sophie Knapp, Miriam Raggs, Sam Brenner, Daniel Mordoch. Third row, left to right: Deena Glusman, Paulina Lebowitz, Shayna Shapiro, Wade Rabinowitz, Bobbi Sloan, Jared Amdur, Noah Chen, Ashira Rabinowitz, Katherine Cranman, Sam David. Fourth row, left to right: Gillian Gerson, Nuriel Gadelov, Jonathan Nooriel, Matthew Chen, Nathan Posner, Avi Spector, Tal Kochav, Ben Cohen, Liana Slomka, Mr. Jonathan Farazmand.

Students at the Katherine and Jacob Greenfield Hebrew Academy made an excellent showing at the 10th Annual North Atlanta Jewish Students’ Technology Fair at the end of January.

Thirteen GHA projects took first-place ribbons. The aforementioned students will continue on to compete at the Georgia Educational Technology Fair, the statewide competition held at Macon State College.

“There were a record number of entries this year,” said Sue Loubser, Director of Technology at GHA. “Over 150 students from seven schools competed in the Technology Fair this year, and they submitted 122 projects.”

The NAJS Technology Fair was started 10 years ago and offers an alternative to the standard Saturday choice for regional technology fairs.

The North Atlanta region invites all students to participate in the Sunday fair, and historically this region does extremely well in the State Fair.

This year, the Tech Fair took place at the Weber School, and participants included students from the Davis Academy, the Epstein School, the Greenfield Hebrew Academy, Riverwood High School, Torah Day School of Atlanta, the Weber School, and Yeshiva Atlanta.


GHA first place winners are:


  • Shiraz Agichtein, Grade 3-4, Game Design and Non-Animated Graphic Design
  • Zachary Amdur and Levi Linowes, Grade 3-4, 3-D Modeling
  • Yoni Bachar and Matthew Chen, Grade 7-8, Case Modification
  • Noah Chen, Grade 5-6 Technology Literacy Challenge
  • Jillian Gerson, Grade 7- 8, Non-Multimedia Applications
  • Deena Glusman and Bobbi Sloan, Grade 5-6, Multimedia Applications
  • Sophie Knapp, Grade 3-4, Project Programming and Technology Literacy Challenge
  • Paulina Lebowitz and Wade Rabinowitz, Grade 5-6, Non-Animated Graphic Design
  • Ben Ogden, Grade 7-8, Hardware
  • Ashira Rabinowitz and Shayna Shapiro, Grade 5-6, Non-Multimedia Applications
  • Ethan Rolnick and Josh Schulman, Grade 3-4, Non-Multimedia Applications



“The students worked hard, and their projects were creative and of a high quality,” Mrs. Loubser said.  “Many students invested hours and hours of time on their projects—and it showed. A number of categories were really competitive, with seven or eight students competing for first place.”


GHA second place winners are:


  • Jared Amdur and Sam Brenner, Grade 5-6, 3-D Modeling
  • Ilan Benamram, Grade 3-4, 3-D Modeling
  • Sam David, Grade 7-8, Game Design
  • Sharon Hatami and Miriam Raggs, Grade 3-4, Non-Multimedia Applications
  • Paulina Lebowitz and Wade Rabinowitz, Grade 5-6, Multimedia Applications
  • Noa Rudisch, Grade 3-4, Multimedia Applications
  • Liana Slomka, Grade 7-8, Multimedia Applications


GHA third place winners are:


  • Jared Amdur and Matthew Kaplan, Grade 5-6, 3-D Modeling
  • Yoni Bachar and Matthew Chen, Grade 7-8, Hardware
  • Adam Berkowitz and Jordan Joel, Grade 3-4, Multimedia Applications
  • Noah Chen and Daniel Mordoch, Grade 5-6, Game Design
  • Katherine Cranman and Ashira Rabinowitz, Grade 5-6, Non-Animated Graphic Design
  • Nuriel Gadalov and Nathan Posner, Grade 7-8, 3-D Modeling
  • Jacob Grant and Dov Karlin, Grade 3-4, 3-D Modeling
  • Sophie Knapp and Daliya Wallenstein, Grade 3-4, Digital Photography
  • Jonathan Nooriel, Grade 7- 8, Animated Graphic Design


Those students who won first place ribbons will compete virtually in the statewide Tech Fair in Macon. Mrs. Loubser serves as co-chair for this region along with Leora Wollner of the Epstein School, and she feels optimistic about GHA’s chances there.

“Traditionally,” Mrs. Loubser remarked, “our region does very well at the state level, and we’re looking forward to another rewarding state competition.”


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