Grant Practices the Feng Shui Way
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Grant Practices the Feng Shui Way

Roberta Grant shares how to update spaces to create harmony and plenty of good Chi.

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The kitchen counters should only house what’s being used.
The kitchen counters should only house what’s being used.

Local feng shui expert Roberta Grant practices, “Out with the old, in with the Chi” by recalling, “Remember the positive feeling when you first walked into your home and knew that you wanted to live there? ‘Chi’ is this positive life force that you experienced!”

Feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is the study, art, and science of placement, balancing and enhancing the environment and life quality…literally translated as “Wind and Water.” Feng shui has been practiced for more than 3,000 years and was developed in ancient China. Incorporating enhancements, clearing away clutter, repositioning tchotchkes, and furniture, and changing or adding colors can create balance and harmonize the flow of Chi in homes and offices.

Grant advises that porches should be swept clean with updated paint and welcome mat.

Grant continued, “Feng shui is basically common sense, using intuition and principles to achieve great success. The Bagua Map, a map of how to break a living space into nine different categories, is used. The Five Elements — wood, fire, water, metal, and Earth — work in harmony with a balanced interior.”

The growing popularity of feng shui has been touted as positively, and possibly, affecting some people with improved health, rewarding relationships, new career opportunities, and an overall increase in happiness and prosperity.

Grant analyzed different versions of home-based feng shui:
Home Office Zen: Positioning the desk and chair facing the door (but not directly in front of the door) is called the “Command and Power Position.” A wall behind the desk is supportive of goals and achievements; choose a comfortable, ergonomic chair; clearing the desktop, tables and cabinets of clutter will result in positive energy in the room; and hanging inspirational and favorite artwork creates visual warmth.
Front Porch Beauty: Keep the porch swept and clean; maintain the front door with fresh paint or stain; lighting and doorbell in working order; a welcome mat to greet guests; fun seating and a small table encourages relaxing times outside; and living, healthy plants and flowers add to the ambience and beauty.
Foyer: A bubbly water feature filled with distilled water; place a lucky bamboo plant; crystals for energy balance; candle for radiance; dragon pottery with coins and a Money Frog for prosperity; and a small bowl for placing keys in safe place.
Kitchen: Reflection from shiny teakettle puts the cook in command position; use all four burners so energy won’t become stagnant; keep only what is used on countertops; and display fresh fruit symbolizing good health.

This feng shui foyer table touts a water feature.

Working with Grant begins with her initial client visit (home or business) for two hours where she tours the landscaping, porch and enters the home or office through the front door. All areas will be identified according to the Bagua Map, and The Five Elements will be addressed. Goals are set and recommendations made. Some adjustments will be completed onsite, others will be in a plan for later. She then follows-up in a few weeks to assess progress.

Originally from Tampa, Grant replanted to Atlanta more than 40 years ago. Her first career was as a dental hygienist, and, in 2000, she took a class in feng shui at Evening At Emory, where she had “an A-ha moment.” A career counselor assisted her with choosing schools for certification in feng shui and interior design and established a new career as a certified feng shui practitioner, receiving additional training from the Western School of Feng Shui in 2002.

Roberta Grant is a certified feng shui practitioner and also holds certification in residential interior design from the Atlanta College of Art.

She has completed more than 350 residential and business consultations, and also holds certification in residential interior design from the Atlanta College of Art.

Grant has been featured on CNN’s “Sunday Morning” and in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She’s been on staff at both Atlanta College of Art and SCAD Atlanta, teaching feng shui community education classes.

For more information, visit or contact and (404) 317-7550.

Roberta’s 2024 Design Mantra and tips:

• Clear the clutter, create positive energy, live with what you love, and you’ll be practicing perfect feng shui;
• Use front door several times a week, the mouth of Chi and window of opportunity into your home;
• Clear the clutter in all rooms to let the energy flow;
• Use bedrooms for rest, rejuvenation and romance, not exercise equipment or working stations; limit the electronics for more peaceful sleep;
• Keep the bathroom door and toilet lid closed to prevent energy loss;
• Add healthy, green plants for vital energy and to clean the air.

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