Jan E. Jaben-Eilon’s 2022 Passover Message

Jan E. Jaben-Eilon’s 2022 Passover Message

Jan Jaben-Eilon shares her inspiration and thoughts on this year's Passover holiday with the community.

Jan Jaben-Eilon
Jan Jaben-Eilon

The Journey from Egypt

I picture the Israelites walking across the sea with the high waves parted on each side as they escape Egypt. But I don’t feel very secure that those constrained waves aren’t going to envelop us once again, at any time.

Whether it’s Covid or the spread of war or political polarization, I feel it’s impossible to see the world with any rose-colored glasses.

I have traveled in rough waters before. Health issues have shaken the ground underneath my feet in the past, and for several years. But this feels different. It’s not about me and my challenges. It’s about the world.

But I suppose the response must be the same: We never know where this journey will take us. All we can do is put one foot in front of the other, and then another, and another.

And perhaps, enjoy whatever we experience along that journey. Perhaps sun will at times peek through those waves and create beautiful rainbows.

Jan Jaben-Eilon is a freelance writer.

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