Jews Making News: Stiller, Weisz

Jews Making News: Stiller, Weisz


Ben Stiller doing his thing again in music video.
Ben Stiller doing his thing again in music video.

Ben Stiller Teams Up with Bono for Music Video

Ben Stiller recently joined fellow comedians, plus musician Bono, to cameo in the band Arcade Fire’s 22-minute film / concert performance short, “Here Comes the Night Time.”

Both Stiller and fellow Jewish actor James Franco make appearances – Bono and Stiller are kicked off stage. The film, meanwhile, debuts tracks off the band’s upcoming album, “Reflecktor.”

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It seems Stiller’s made a habit of lending his star power to music videos.

He’s appeared in some truly notorious ’90s hits, such as Smash Mouth’s “All Star” and Limp Bizkit’s “Rollin.” Stiller also starred in Sean Comb’s (P. Diddy) “Bad Boy for Life,” indie group Travis’ “Closer,” as well as directed and starred in “Taylor” by Jack Johnson.

Stiller has also been gearing up for a new release, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and filming in New York with Naomi Watts for their new dramedy, “While We’re Young.”

Stiller is the son of Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara. His father comes from a line of Polish-Jewish immigrants and his mother converted to Reform Judaism after marriage. Stiller had a Bar Mitzvah and grew up celebrating Hanukkah alongside Christmas.

His career took off as a young actor after he made a “mockumentary” of one of his co-stars in the play “The House of Blue Leaves.” The parody was entitled, “The Hustler of Money” and was Stiller’s ticket to catching the attention of the bigwigs at Saturday Night Live.

The rest, as they say, is history!

Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig Debut on Broadway in ‘Betrayal’

Rachel Weisz makes her Broadway debut this month in “Betrayal,” a play set in reverse chronological order about a wife (Weisz) and her affair with her husband’s best friend and agent.

The slighted husband is played by none other than Weisz’s real-life husband, Daniel Craig – you know, the guy who plays James Bond.

This is Weisz and Craig’s first time appearing on Broadway as a couple. Craig has played the Big Apple before, starring in “A Steady Rain.”
Weisz, meanwhile, is also rumored to be involved in the making of a film adaptation of Jennifer Gilmore’s novel, “The Mothers”. The novel details the author’s semi-autobiographical struggle to become a mother and her ultimate choice to adopt.

The actress has starred in a number of films, most notably “The Mummy” franchise, as well as written and directed the 2003 short film, “The Thief.”

Weisz’s parents, George Weisz and Edith Ruth Teich, fled Austria shortly before World War II and escaped to England. George Weisz was raised Jewish, while Teich, whose maternal grandfather was Jewish, converted from Catholicism.


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