Letter to the Editor: Jack L. Arbiser
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Letter to the Editor: Jack L. Arbiser

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Most of us are horrified by the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russia and support economic sanctions against Russia.

Despite widespread outrage over Russia, our government continues to work closely with Russia in pursuit of a bad deal with Iran. Disturbingly, the US is begging Iran for an agreement, and the efforts are brokered by Russia. In fact, the Russian ambassador, Mikhail Ulyanov stated “Iran got much more than it could expect. Much more.”

Our continuing pursuit of a bad Iran deal, even when Iran shells our consulate in Iraq, makes a farce of the idea that we are really upset with Russia for invading Ukraine. If our government was serious about Russia, it would not collaborate with Russia in pursuit of an Iran deal. In fact, our administration may be partially to blame for encouraging Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with the common knowledge that our State Department is like a junkie pursuing that elusive fix of the Iran deal and will ignore whatever Russia does.

Jack L. Arbiser, M.D., Ph. D Thomas J. Lawley Professor of Dermatology, Emory University School of Medicine, Winship Cancer Institute and Atlanta Veterans Administration Health Center

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