Letter to the Editor: Marie Travis
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Letter to the Editor: Marie Travis

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Letter to the editor,

I am writing to express my profound dismay at your publication’s removal of an essay by Congressman Vernon Jones, a Georgia gubernatorial candidate, because of a left-wing activist who just happens to work for a former Georgia gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams. I’m sure her opinion and the smears and ad hominem attacks I have since seen, are completely “impartial” (sarcasm).

From the description of the pulled article, Rep. Jones was reminiscing about a Jewish family that inspired him. Is that “disgusting”? Then maybe my definition of disgusting needs to be reevaluated. Half of the U.S. voters, no doubt some Jewish, supported President Trump. Does that offend you? I thought he was a friend of Israel, and yes, I can see where “jobs, jobs, jobs” might offend a partisan hack, but as a member of a minority myself, I thought that a two-party system and voting according to one’s conscience is a bedrock of our free political system.

I understand the dilemma. It grieved me to learn that the person who reportedly complained about the article was a former aide to Stacey Abrams and a self-described Rapid Response Activist, per her LinkedIn page. So, suppression is also a political act. I look forward to seeing the side-by-side coverage in the future.

Marie Travis, Houston, TX

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