Letter to the Editor: Richard Sherman
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Letter to the Editor: Richard Sherman

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Raphael Warnock wallows in anti-Semitism by claiming Israel is an apartheid state. Such a position may garner him street cred with the growing anti-Semitic progressive wing of the Democratic Party, but it flies in the face of reality.

Muslims participate at the highest levels of academia, medicine and politics in Israel. It is the exact opposite of the South African apartheid system in which Blacks were excluded from all-important decision-making positions. Apparently, Mr. Warnock chooses to willfully deny that the following Arabs have held these important positions in Israel, which represent only a small sample:

Ali Haidar Zahaika (Knesset), Hussein Faris (Knesset), Masud Ghnaim (Knesset), Hussniya Kanata (Knesset), Hamad Khalaily (Knesset), Taleb Majadele (Knesset),Takeb el-Sana (Knesset), Ibrahim Sarsur (Knesset), Wasil Taha (Knesset), Nawaf Massalha (deputy minister of health), Ali Yahya (ambassador to Finland, ambassador to Greece), Abdel Rahman Zubai, Salim Joubran, George Karra (members of Israeli Supreme Court).

Finally, in 1997, Nelson Mandela accepted an honorary doctorate from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. It is inconceivable that Nelson Mandela would accept an honorary doctorate from an apartheid state.

These are just some of the facts Mr. Warnock has to willfully deny in order to posit the anti-Semitic absurdity that Israel is an apartheid state.

Richard Sherman, Margate Fla.

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