Letter to the Editor: Richard Sherman
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Letter to the Editor: Richard Sherman

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Regarding the letter from Harry Stern in the May 31 issue.

Letter writer Henry Stern’s attempt to connect Israel’s 73-year-old existential problem with every hot button far left-wing issue he could think of makes wonderful virtue signaling but has nothing to do with the reality Israel faces. (“From the Left”)

The record is clear that Israel faces an existential situation in which the Palestinian Arabs refuse to accept the existence of Jews. On Nov. 30, 1947, the Arabs of Mandatory Palestine REJECTED an independent state of Palestine when it was offered on that proverbial silver platter by the United Nations General Assembly. Their leader, Nazi war criminal the Grand Mufti Amin al-Husseini, when he rejected Palestine, simultaneously issued his infamous seven-word genocidal command: “Murder the Jews. Murder all of them.” Since then, the Arabs have — in the Grand Mufti’s terminology – murdered 26,000 Jews. Among those Jewish murder victims are 79 doctors, nurses and medical students roasted alive at Sheikh Jarrah on April 13, 1948.

In 1964 when Israel existed within the 1949 Armistice Lines, the Palestine Liberation Organization was formed. The original PLO Charter renounced any claim to the West Bank, which was illegally occupied by a foreign power, Jordan, but did mandate the annihilation of every Jew in Israel. Those annihilation clauses have never been revoked as per Article 33 of the PLO Charter. The enabling document of the Palestinian Authority is the PLO Charter with its unrevoked annihilation of the Jews of Israel clauses. When Israel raided Yasir Arafat’s lair it found millions of dollars of receipts for payments by the Palestinian Authority directly or indirectly to those Arab murderers responsible for the Second Intifada in which over 1,000 Jews were blown up at Passover seders, restaurants, pizza parlors, discos, on buses and shopping centers, … and thousands more maimed for life. This 21st century mass Palestinian Arab slaughter of Jews is described in exquisite but painful detail by historian Giulio Meotti in “A New Shoah.”

Of course, Article 7 of the Hamas Charter, which has never been revoked, requires every member and supporter of Hamas, which includes every member of SJP [Students for Justice in Palestine] to murder every Jew on earth. Israel is not mentioned in Article 7.

The record is clear to anyone who is prepared to look: the problem for the Palestinian Arabs is the existence of the Jewish people. Read the Grand Mufti’s lips. Read their enabling documents. Their foundational demand is a judenrein Middle East, if not a judenrein world. Settlements are not mentioned by the Grand Mufti or in the PLO Charter or Article 7 of the Hamas Charter. Rattling off left-wing hot button issues does not change 73 years of Palestinian Arab efforts to achieve their judenrein dream.

Richard Sherman, Margate, Fla.

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