Letter to the Editor: Tony Rosenberg
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Letter to the Editor: Tony Rosenberg

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I would like to draw your attention to a historic event happening in our community next week in relation to the Boy Scouts of America.

In February 2019, the BSA changed their name to Scouts BSA and opened its doors to girls. At that time, Troop 432, chartered with Roswell United Methodist Church was established as the first (and only) BSA Troop for Girls in Roswell. What started with six girls has grown to over 20 in less than two years.

On Jan. 11, Zoe Rosenberg with Troop 432 became the very first girl in the history of Roswell to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. This is truly a historic event and worthy of recognition. This is not only a testament to the advancement of women in our society but also that of the City of Roswell and the Greater Atlanta Jewish community.

Last year, Zoe was afforded an opportunity to study for a semester in Jerusalem. It was there that she really delved into her faith. Her Eagle project was completed at Temple Beth Tikvah in Roswell and was focused on spirituality. Also, every essay written for college has had her faith as her main theme. She has also decided to dedicate her post-secondary education to international affairs in order to pursue a career that will allow her to use her faith to do good in the world. It has truly been an amazing transition.

Tony Rosenberg, Troop 432, Roswell

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