Letters to Editor: Robert D. Freeman
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Letters to Editor: Robert D. Freeman

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Dear Georgia Voters,

I live in Washington State. I’m a mature voter. We have had mail-in voting since 2005 here, and I have to say, it is the easiest and best way to vote ever. We can either drop our ballots in a post box, or in a ballot drop box at the library, just a few blocks from our home. I don’t know why anyone would think mail-in voting is bad, unsafe, insecure or dangerous. Even our secretary of state, who is a Republican, supports mail-in voting. She is respected for it, and she even was re-elected in 2020 because of it. And remember, this is a so-called “blue” state, where not many Republicans stand a chance of getting elected. I voted for her myself.

I hope you will send a message to your congressman and senator and tell them that that is what you would like too. No more standing in line, taking time off work or putting up with any political shenanigans. You vote, it gets counted, the best man gets elected, done deal. The way it should be. No challenges or allegations of voter fraud in our state. It should be this way everywhere! It’s not a partisan issue; it is just plain old democracy in action.

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