Orthodox Synagogue Opens in Toco Hills

Orthodox Synagogue Opens in Toco Hills

“The New Toco Shul” Opened over Rosh Hashanah

The Toco Hills neighborhood, near Emory University and the CDC, has long been recognized as Atlanta’s center of observant Jewish life, with kosher butchers, restaurants and more.  Even the local branches of major grocers feature large kosher sections and kosher bakeries.

There are many synagogues in the area already, in a wide variety of orientations, anchored by Congregation Beth Jacob and Young Israel of Toco Hills as well as two advanced study institutes (kollel), Atlanta Scholars Kollel and a new kollel housed in Congregation Ner Hamizrach.

This month a new shul, has been added to that list. The New Toco Shul (NTS) opened its doors officially with Rosh Hashanah services. The name is temporary, until the group’s growing membership chooses a permanent name.  They are also looking to hire a permanent rabbi.  They plan to affiliate with the Orthodox Union, one of observant Jewry’s umbrella organizations.

The goal of NTS is to provide a new venue for davening (prayer), for engaging and scholarly study, and for celebrating lifecycle events, all within a framework of rigorous commitment to Halakha, Jewish law, in an atmosphere of transparent, member-driven administration of shul affairs and direction.

Yacov Freedman, the interim president of NTS, says, “There’s been a population explosion in this neighborhood. More than 100 new families have moved in during just the last three years!  And new shuls are a natural occurrence in growing communities.  People thrive when they have more options, and new shuls always have a positive impact on the other Jewish institutions. They help the mikvahs, the eruv, the kollels, the existing shuls, local charities, the Federation, kosher restaurants, Jewish retailers and especially the Jewish schools.  New shuls benefit everyone, whether they daven there or not.”

The New Toco Shul invites the community for services and classes throughout the year, from Yom Kippur and Sukkot on.  For more information, including service times, please email newtocoshul@gmail.com.


By Suzi Brozman

Special for the AJT


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