Passover Updates from the Atlanta Kosher Commission
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Passover Updates from the Atlanta Kosher Commission

The AKC gives tips on what is and what is not kosher for Passover.

Honey: Georgia Honey Farm and Blue Ridge Honey Company certified by the AKC are acceptable for Passover.

Tahini dip: The OU certified a special Passover production of Sonny & Joe’s Tahini Dip which is a kitniot product. These containers are labeled with an OU sticker that states “approved for those who eat kitniot on Passover.” Some of the Passover tahini dip containers were mistakenly labeled with a plain OUP without specifying that the product is kitniot. This is a kitniot product.

Creamer: Kroger Half & Half certified by the AKC is kosher for Passover.

Makeup: Beautycounter cosmetics are chometz-free and usable for Passover. For more information, please contact

Wine: The OU certifies Bianco Azzuro Moscato Wine from Lishi Welner Wines in Israel. This product is labeled with a plain OU and it is not certified for Passover. Even the bottles that have the letters “OUP” as part of the production code are not certified for Passover.

Avocado oil: The AKC Quick Shopping Guide listed 100% Pure Avocado Oil (with OU) as acceptable for Passover; this is the case for one brand only: Chosen Foods. The brand name was inadvertently left off the Quick Shopping Guide.

Shank bone: Supermarkets sometimes give out non-kosher shank bones. Shank bones should only be used if they have proper kosher seals on the packaging.

Over-the-counter medications: Check with your rabbi for Passover medicine guidelines. The following are a few OTC products that may contain chometz:

Advil Cold & Sinus Liqui-Gels

Advil Film-Coated Tablets and Caplets

Advil Liqui-Gels

Advil Migraine Liquid Filled Capsules

Advil PM Liqui-Gels

Children’s Allegra Allergy 12-Hour Tablets

Benefiber Healthy Shape

Benefiber Powder

Clarinex RediTabs

Claritin Chewable Tablets

Gas-X 180mg Oral

Gas-X Ultra Strength 180mg Capsules

Zyrtec Allergy Liquid Gels

Passover food orders are available from the following vendors:

For All Occasions and More catering: 770-823-6677

Griller’s Pride: 770-454-8108

The Kosher Gourmet: 404-636-1114

For more information about kosher for Passover items, consult the AKC Passover Quick Shopping List and the 2019 Pesach Guide, The AKC can also be reached at 404-634-4063,

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