Ripans: Unite to Defeat Iranian Terrorism
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Ripans: Unite to Defeat Iranian Terrorism

Pulling out of the nuclear deal was the right thing to do.

Now is the time for all of us to come together to defeat radical Iranian terrorism, regardless of our political affiliations. For American foreign policy to be successful, it must be bipartisan.

The Iranian nuclear agreement is not a treaty binding under international law, as it was never submitted to Congress for ratification.

Its fatal flaw is the releasing of tens of billions of dollars upfront to an Iranian regime led by religious zealots. No restrictions were placed on Iran’s terroristic behavior or development of long-range missiles.

We need to believe them when they shout, “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,” and we must not help finance their military and terrorist activities.

Cartoon by Daryl Cagle,

Economic sanctions and pressure are the best way to defeat this murderous radical Islamic regime. The people of Iran are growing restive, as they have not benefited economically and have been repressed politically.

It is the Republican Guard that is being enriched and emboldened. They are on a rampage in Yemen, backing the Houthis; in Syria, supporting Assad and the Alawites; in Lebanon, via their proxy Hezbollah; and in Gaza, via Hamas.

This is increasingly dangerous for Israel, America and Europe. It will lead to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and eventually war. The probability of armed conflict is increasingly.

It is wishful thinking to believe that the current Iranian regime will change or moderate its behavior. Rather, it is emboldened and strengthened militarily by the money it has been given upfront.

We must stand firm and united against this growing threat to the stability of the Middle East. The American people understand the increasing danger to our security. We can and must prevail.

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