THEN & NOW: Rita and Michael Levine
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THEN & NOW: Rita and Michael Levine

Rita and Michael Levine share the secrets to their longtime relationship.

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Rita and Michael Levine
Rita and Michael Levine

Rita and Michael Levine
Years Married: 54 Years
Date of wedding: July 27, 1969
Ahavath Achim Synagogue

How They Met
Michael: In 1968, Rita and I were set up on a blind date. I was an intern at Emory (later a gastroenterologist), and Rita was a speech pathology major at UGA. My long time Ohio friends in Atlanta were diligent in introducing me to eligible young gals…most helpful as Match, Tinder, or JDate had not arrived on the scene.

Michael: Our instant connection was that we had both previously studied at OSU.
Rita says a game changer that made her accept my initial date was when I mentioned my sister, Jackie. Rita recalled how Jackie stood out at OSU as an extremely funny, gregarious gal who attracted a crowd of listeners.
Rita: On our first date, we attended a pool party hosted by Carol & Larry Cooper…and to this day our families are generationally intertwined. I recall, vividly, looking over at Michael driving his “yellow Malibu convertible” and shocked myself by thinking, “I believe we are going to marry.” Six months later, we were engaged!

Secret to Happy Marriage
Michael: We feel and live the value system and example of our families who guided us along the way. Our children and grandchildren enrich us daily.
Rita: We work hard to respect each other’s opinions and stay positive. Enjoying one another’s company; and cherishing the life we’ve created propels us. Also, free colonoscopies is a nice perk

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