2021 Mother’s Day Tribute: Rebeca Selber
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2021 Mother’s Day Tribute: Rebeca Selber

Rachel Selber Kropp shares why her mom deserves the best day ever.

Rebeca Selber – Atlanta

My mother deserves the world today and always. She has always put family first, even as early as when she was a teenager living in Cuba in the 1950s. While her siblings were emigrating to Atlanta and starting their new lives here, my mom stayed back in Cuba with my beloved grandmother, who was born in Turkey and therefore could not enter the U.S. due to the Turkish quota that was in place. When my grandmother was finally allowed to enter the U.S., they left Cuba and were reunited with their family in Atlanta. At the age of 17, my mother went to work immediately to support her family, forgoing college and graduate school until later in life. As newlyweds, she and my beloved dad invited my grandmother to live with them. My mom was a loving caregiver to both my dad and grandma. She treated them both with much tenderness until their last days. As a mom, she has always put my needs before her own. My mother has always challenged me to be the best that I can be and has supported all of my endeavors. She has been an amazing “Tita/Abuelita” (grandma) to my children and a wonderful role model for our family. A true woman of valor, my mom has demonstrated courage, resilience, gratitude, kindness and humor throughout her life. My mom is the heart and soul of our family. For this reason and many more, she deserves to be spoiled on Mother’s Day and every day!

By Rachel Selber Kropp

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