2021 Father’s Day Tribute: Eric Cole
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2021 Father’s Day Tribute: Eric Cole

Sasha and Briana Cole share why their Dad is the best, coolest or funniest in town.

Eric Cole
Eric Cole

Eric Cole – Johns Creek

When I was in first grade and learning how to read, I would try to read practically everything I saw: road signs, cereal boxes, ads, T-shirts, etc. One day, my dad wore a shirt that said, “Eric the Great.” Being the little, determined first grader I was, I tried to read it. Confident in my abilities, I read it as “Eric the Grinch.” It’s been nearly a decade since this happened and I still call my dad, Mr. Grinch. It’s a running inside joke among my family and friends— almost everyone calls him Mr. Grinch. “

Sasha Cole

He calls me Velma; he actually knows how to give me space unlike my mom; he always makes dad jokes; he knows how to comfort me; he doesn’t know how to cook, we’re white; he loves cats.

Briana Cole

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