Mike Leven’s 2022 Passover Message

Mike Leven’s 2022 Passover Message

Mike Leven shares his inspiration and thoughts on this year's Passover holiday with the community.

Mike Leven
Mike Leven

Passover is engraved in every Jewish memory from childhood to young adult to parent and grandparent.

It is the story of freedom from slavery in the past and our ancestor’s journey to the Promised Land. Today as always, this freedom is being challenged as both an unjust and inhuman war is taking place daily in our televisions and other media.

Add to those horrors the recent terrorist attacks in Israel and anti-Semitic incidents here in our own country. Passover this year is not just a happy one. It should also remind us of our obligation as Jews to always stand for freedom, not only for ourselves but for all.

It should remind us as Jews to teach the next generation over and over that freedom is fragile, to tell the story of Joseph who was free and how it was lost.

There will always be a Joseph, there will always be a Pharaoh. And hopefully there will always be a Moses.

Mike Leven is the CEO of the Georgia Aquarium and former vice president of the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta.

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