Letter to the Editor: Julia Lutch
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Letter to the Editor: Julia Lutch

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Letter to the editor,

In response to the recent Jewish Time Podcast, Season 2. Episode 3; Will the Next Generation Invest in Jewish Culture?

Mike Leven is reported to believe, sadly, that future generations will remember who they are because antisemitism continues to remind them who they are.

It is true that in 21st century America, on college campuses, Jewish students are regularly shouted down, defamed, vilified and physically menaced if they express a pro-Israel Jewish identity.

But some (many?) will therefore choose to define themselves by aligning with so-called social justice issues as a safe and “virtuous” substitute for a Jewish identity. This, along with the high rate of intermarriage, is not a good harbinger for American Jewish continuity.

Julia Lutch, Davis, Calif.

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