Boredom Buster Toys for Housebound Families

Boredom Buster Toys for Housebound Families

Helpful Hints To Conquer Two Weeks (Or More) Of Social Distancing, The New Normal For Kids And The Grownups Who Love Them.

In every generation, kids have gravitated to a stuffed animal, a security blanket, a
favorite story in times of stress. These welcomed childhood passions gave comfort once the lights turned off or when feeling sad. Never has there been a better time for kids to maintain their childhood innocence and peace of mind with toys or stories than now. KidStuff PR, play experts for over 25 years, have some tips for
ordering toys & games, podcasts and crafts online to keep fear, sadness and yes, boredom at bay.
Parents and grandparents have been watching the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, across the globe and in their states. The new normal in many neighborhoods is to stay home for days or weeks avoiding school, religious services, movie theatres or Spring Break vacations.
Almost everyone has experienced a Snow Day or Hurricane Day when things briefly shut down. Kids even look forward to a day off or two! Today’s news is different. But coping as a kid is not. Let’s keep the child in childhood as long as we can with these playthings and past-times that spark play and imagination.
Media and mom bloggers have been asking KidStuff PR President Lisa Orman to recommend some boredom busters to their readers. Orman is also a Board Member of ASTRA, the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association, giving her an extra layer of knowledge in the toy market. Her initial reaction was “stay calm and
hug a Moosh-Moosh,” one of a series of plush pals that won a national award as a Top Sensory Toy from Autism Live. Kids on the spectrum found the plush profoundly calming. We could all use a little playful lift and calming toy right about now.

Listed randomly are great suggestions for kids of all ages:
Moosh-Moosh ( makes the most butter-soft, cuddly,
huggable plush you ever felt. Who couldn’t use a cuddle? Since their debut two years ago, Moosh-Moosh has wowed retailers, families and industry gurus as the softest plush pals around. College coeds, tweens and preschoolers appreciate how the varied Moosh-Moosh characters offer company, comfort and love as a pillow pal, bedtime buddy and cuddle companion whenever and wherever they are needed. They are nicely priced starting at $16.99.

Adventerra Games
makes four environmentally-themed games that teach kids to be smarter consumers and caretakers of our planet through game play. All four are authenticated as true STEM products, so you know the kids will learn key STEM lessons while playing these games. Fun for the whole family and kids as young as 7, these are a great addition when Family Game Night morphs into a daily routine with the kids needing enriching educational experiences.

Le Toy Van ( makes beautifully designed wooden toys that take imaginative play to a
whole new level. For kids as young as 1 and up to school age, Le Toy Van pretend-play toys will give kids a
needed outlet to get their minds off real life worries. They can have a puppet show, plant a pretend garden with wood veggies or fruits or play “store” with a cash
register, vintage phone, card reader and pretend food. Moms and dads will feel soothed to play with these finely crafted toys and be transported to playland for a
bit with their children.

Chalk of the Town ( products let kids
express their inner artist or character or personality. They can also express
their feelings like “I miss my friends” or “I love my family.” The patented
chalkboard surface printed on fabric T-Shirts, Totes and patches come with
special markers. Stencils help those who don’t have the artful gene. When
done, wipe it off or throw it in the wash and start again!

Salus Brands covers every phase of childhood in one company! Got a ukulele in the house? Howabout some slime or a crafts kit? The word “keiki” is Hawaiian for “littleone” and Keiki Ukuleles (available at
and Amazon) are designed for your little ones to learn to pluck, strum, and play along to their favorite songs! Whether a beginner or a master musician, this small instrument is sure to rev up free time in a delightful way!

DIY Slime Kits in Unicorn, Volcanic & Original (available at Zulily and Amazon) are tactile activities boys and girls love to get their hands on! There’s a science lesson in every stretch and pull.

Build Buddiez (in stock at
Amazon) start out as soft moldable putty. The Snowman Craft Kit lets kids shape
and reshape their perfect snowman over and over. Don’t forget to add the finishing touches with the enclosed accessories—hat, scarf, buttons and the iconic carrot nose. Sometimes sitting on the couch and listening to a podcast, snuggled next to Dad or Mom, is the way to go.

Imagine Neighborhood podcast series is the ideal non-screen option for parents. While there are many options in the podcast  market, The Imagine Neighborhood is a storytelling show produced
by Committee for Children, and it’s designed to help parents and kids deal with big emotions. The first episode, launching March 16th, is actually about talking to your children about feeling scared. Children listen and notice what’s happening around them even when not included in the conversation. This podcast reminds us
that they should be part of the conversation. Find the free podcast at iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher.

3UP 3DOWN is a fast-paced, family-friendly discard game with a surprising finish! It takes just 3 minutes to learn, and 10 minutes to play. 3UP 3DOWN is fun for the whole family – if you can count to 10, you can win! Plus, it has educational value for younger kids because it uses concepts of greater than, less than, and equal to. 3UP 3DOWN is so fast and fun, you’ll all say, “Let’s Play Another Round!”

Story Time Chess is based on a chess teaching method that has been utilized and perfected over the last 12 years through a New York City-based company called Chess At Three, which has successfully taught over 80,000 children in the last decade how to play chess
through stories. The same story-based curriculum being used by these tutors is also being licensed by over 1000 schools. The brand-new game compresses 12 years of
knowledge from teaching young kids how to play chess and the result is a beautifully designed game that can teach any person from age 3-103 how
to play chess through fun engaging stories and exercises.
Not Parent Approved, a PG-rated multi-award winning word game exclusively
on Amazon for $24.99 at is ideal for
days inside, picnics multi-generation family nights and road trips! Designed to
reintroduce a love of tabletop games for a screen-obsessed generation. Filled with
age-appropriate toilet humor and funny innuendos for adults—watch the giggles
and snorts ensue! The smaller sized cards are ideal for the youngest members of
the family. Ages 8 and up. Families who are sports fans may be feeling deprived since many sports have cancelled their seasons and upcoming events.

Across The Board
( has a full line of fun and unique games hand
crafted to entertain for generations, including many sports-themed games. Hit a
home run with this handcrafted Baseball Game, $56! Fun for rookies and major
league players alike, this game is easy to learn and fun for hours! Roll the dice and
run the pegs around the bases to score a run.
Combine a little luck and a lot of strategy to outwit your opponents and bring your marbles home with Marbles & Jokers, $62. For those new to the game, Across the Board includes a handful of “Cheat Sheet” cards to keep the game simple!
Also, from Across the Board, Farkle, $28, is a simple and fun dice game that has been handed down for generations. The first player to score 10,000 points wins! Choose when to risk more points and when to save your points. Game features dice tray, six dice, dry erase score sheet and marker.
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