Re-Elect Chief Judge Leonard For Superior Court

Re-Elect Chief Judge Leonard For Superior Court

The Chief Judge must be able to manage the operations of the court and be the leader of fellow judges at all levels.

The Superior Court of Georgia is the highest local trial level court. The courts are divided into circuits, some of which comprise multiple counties and some of which are in a single county. The Cobb County circuit is a one county circuit.

A Superior Court judge can hear matters ranging from family matters to murder, empowering a judge to decide who gets what in a divorce to whether someone lives or dies.  Thus, the power of a Superior Court judge is immense. The Chief Judge of the Superior Court position is one of additional responsibility and influence, particularly during an event such as the recent pandemic.

Judges must be qualified, compassionate, fair, ethical and able to set aside preferences and focus on the law. The Chief Judge must be able to do all that while managing the operations of the court and being the leader of fellow judges at all levels.

I join former Governor Roy Barnes, who is also a resident of Cobb County and an attorney, in endorsing Judge Leonard because of his mastery of the law, his fair application of the law and his commitment to the Cobb County community, and his distinguished tenure as Chief Judge. I believe it is extremely noteworthy that Judge Leonard is backed by Democrats and Republicans and all of us who know and love Cobb County.

I know how important justice is to our community.  As a former chair of the Cobb County Commission and former attorney general of Georgia, the first Jewish person to hold either position,

I am proud to stand with Judge Leonard and ask all the readers to do the same with your vote (and the vote of those you know who live in Cobb County) as well as your resources. I live in Cobb County and am personally impacted by this election.  I know Rob Leonard and have watched his career on the bench over the last 12 years.  He is the kind of leader and judge we need to keep on the bench.

Sam Olens

The pandemic challenged everything about our way of life, including court operations. The Constitution provides that every American has the right to a speedy trial even under stressful circumstances. Judge Leonard, as the Chief Judge, moved quickly to integrate technology into court operations.

He found a way to safely keep the courts open so that our rights were protected while reducing the health risks. His innovations became the model for many other jurisdictions and earned him the Distinguished Judicial Service Award from the State of Georgia’s Young Lawyer’s Division as well as the President’s Award from the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in 2021. Judge Leonard was appointed by Chief Justice David Nahmias to serve as the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Judicial Workload Assessment for the Judicial Council of Georgia.

As a member of Georgia’s Council of Superior Court Judges, Judge Leonard serves on the following committees: Pattern Jury Instructions, Uniform Rules, Court Security, and Court Technology. He also Chairs the Automated Data Collection and Case Management Standards Subcommittee, as well as the Technology Committee of the COVID-19 Taskforce.  All of these appointments are a testament to his experience and leadership.

Judges are listed as non-partisan. That means that they are on every ballot, located near the end, which is where you find the local seats that impact your life the most. Bipartisanship is rare these days.

It feels like every aspect of life is politicized. If you vote to re-elect Judge Leonard, you will join leaders like former Chief Justice Harold Melton, Governors Roy Barnes and Nathan Deal, my predecessor Mike Bowers, and dozens more of elected officials and community leaders. We are united behind Judge Leonard. I cannot imagine our courts in the hands of anyone else.

We all know a great judge when we see one and have pledged our full support to help re-elect Judge Leonard.

Early voting is from May 2nd through May 20th. If you cannot vote during that period, I urge you to vote on Election Day, which is May 24th.

If you have any doubts or concerns about your availability, request an absentee ballot and vote by mail today.  No matter how you choose to exercise your right to vote, I ask you to vote and to vote for Rob Leonard.  Experience matters.

Sam Olens

Sam Olens is a practicing attorney. He previously served as the Chairman of the Cobb County Board of Commissioners and then as Attorney General for the State of Georgia.