2021 Mother’s Day Tribute: Bonnie Price
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2021 Mother’s Day Tribute: Bonnie Price

Amy Price shares why her mom deserves the best day ever.

Bonnie Price
Bonnie Price

Bonnie Price – Augusta

I have one of the most amazing moms! I’m grateful that she’s always there for me and supports me to be my best. She’s also an amazing grandma to my son Oriel. They write books together where they go on different adventures. She always willing to pick up my call and support me through life’s joys and challenges.

She’s a breast cancer survivor. As a massage therapist, she dedicates her time to helping others feel good. Before the pandemic, she would go back to where she had chemo and massage people there. Having gone through it herself, she was able to support others on that challenging journey. This pandemic hasn’t been the easiest time for my mom. I’m glad that she has been open with me to be vulnerable. This vulnerability has only strengthened our relationship and my willingness to lean on her for support.

She has not let her challenges impact our relationship but uses them as a way to strengthen the relationship. She supports me to be my best. Throughout my life I have been supported to be my best. I’m forever grateful for her for all the love and care that she shows me!

by Amy Price

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