2021 Mother’s Day Tribute: Jeannie Posner
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2021 Mother’s Day Tribute: Jeannie Posner

Nathan Posner shares why his mom deserves the best day ever.

A rising sophomore at Georgetown University, Nathan plans to major in government and minor in film and media studies as well as statistics, hoping to eventually get into a career creating digital content for campaigns or  covering them for the Atlanta Jewish Times and other media outlets.

Jeannie Posner
Jeannie Posner

Jeannie Posner – Dunwoody

My mother has supported me my entire life and helped me to become the person I am today. Ever since my dad retired, she has been working endlessly to make ends meet after being forced to close the wedding gown store founded by her parents. She transitioned to a new field, which wasn’t easy, and has been able to find success even while helping my father recover from a few bouts with illness. She works tirelessly to provide for my father and I, all the while still finding time to be an amazing and supportive friend and co-worker to those around her. She has supported my father as he became Orthodox and embraced a more religious lifestyle, which can be stressful and difficult at times, especially with her work schedule. She deserves the best Mother’s Day because she is simply, to me, the best mother I could ever ask for. From working to provide for the family, to advising me and helping me succeed in life, to caring for her friends, she is an amazing person who often has to work much harder than she should have to.

By Nathan Posner

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