2021 Mother’s Day Tribute: Faigy Salomon
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2021 Mother’s Day Tribute: Faigy Salomon

Shira Salomon shares why her mom deserves the best day ever.

Faigy Salomon
Faigy Salomon

Faigy Salomon – Atlanta

200 words to describe comfort and love. 200 words to say if strength was a person. 200 words to explain my best friend. There is no amount that could possibly be enough to tell you about my mother. She is driven and tough, yet gentle and sweet. She’s the feeling when you dip your toes into the ocean, you can’t help but smile. She knows what you need and want even when you can’t put words to it. She’s someone to lean into when you want a hug and lean onto when you’re feeling weak. She’s someone who believes in the darkest of times. She’s someone who makes rain a reason to dance. She’s someone who carries wisdom far beyond her years. She’s someone you can laugh with until your jaw hurts. She’s someone who’s honest with overwhelming love. She’s someone who makes jokes that you
laugh at because they make no sense. She’s someone who gives to others without expecting anything in return. She’s someone who gets the job done. She’s someone you look up to and who you want to be. She deserves happiness. She deserves peace. She deserves health. What am I saying? She deserves the world.

By Shira Salomon

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