A Chanukah Message from Meliss Jakubovic

A Chanukah Message from Meliss Jakubovic

Read community insights, advice and perspectives during Chanukah.

Meliss Jakubovic
Meliss Jakubovic

While I believe there is always something to be grateful for and I practice gratitude daily, let’s talk about the big EIGHT!

I recommend setting a five-minute timer and writing down as many things that come to mind that you are grateful for. You’ll be surprised that you can likely come up with at least 50 items for your list.

If you are struggling with expressing gratitude, start with the things you see around you and expand outwards from there (like the sun, the stars, the coffee you are drinking, the warm fuzzy socks you wear during winter, your family, the roof over your head).

If you are really struggling in life right now, take what you don’t want and flip it around to find what you are grateful for (instead of: “I hate my job,” say: “I am grateful to have the ability to work and change jobs when it feels right”).

And finally, show gratitude for things as though they have already happened to attract them towards you (want to find a partner? Say: “I am grateful for the right partner walking into my life”).

Here are eight things I’m grateful for:

LIFE: Every morning that I get a chance to open my eyes, see the day through and start over, is a blessing. I am always grateful that I made it to another day and I get to continue creating the life of my dreams.

FAMILY: Sometimes things are hard and sometimes they are unpleasant, but overall, both my parents are still alive, I have people around me that want good things for me and wish me well and I’m grateful beyond measure that those closest to me are still here.

NATURE: Nature is healing. Sitting outside under the sun, hiking, the crunching of the leaves, the freshness of the air, the sounds of birds chirping. When things are not going as planned, stepping outside into nature always makes things right again.

FRIENDS: From near, from far, friends that came and went, steppingstones in my life towards the next milestone, friends that stood by my side throughout the years, friends that serve a purpose (laughing, crying, dancing). Friends are like little pieces of a puzzle that you pick up along the way.

ALONE TIME: I learn more about myself every day that I get to spend alone. I love, love, love my alone time and I go out of my way to make sure I get that time daily. Self-care is important, and because I want to be the best version of me, I make this a priority.

CREATIVITY: I am grateful for my mind, my artistic self, my ability to create whatever I dream of. From thoughts into feelings into actions … my creativity is one of my most cherished assets.

LEARNING: I am grateful for my love of learning, my ability to learn, and my absorption of the material. While the learning never stops, it’s important to implement. Implementation. Action. Doing It. Getting it done. Taking steps forward based on what I learned is what takes me to the next level.

CELEBRATION: There is always something to celebrate. Small wins, large wins, doing something that wasn’t working and changing it, so it does. Simchas, holidays, gatherings, growth, empowerment. Did you do something better today than yesterday? Celebrate it. Did you overcome something that was hard for you? Celebrate it. Did you react from a place of love? Celebrate it. Always find the mini celebrations today, right now, in every moment.

I am grateful for everyone in this Atlanta community that has had a small part in my life. I feel connected to everyone in some way, as we are all parts of a whole. May this Chanukah allow you to shine your light a bit brighter, find gratitude in all you do, connect with people, give your time to others, share your stories, and build a community that loves and supports one another.

Chag Sameach!

Meliss Jakubovic is an online marketing strategist to coaches and healers, and an Israeli folk dance instructor.

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