A Passover Message from Diana Cole

A Passover Message from Diana Cole

Atlanta Jewish Times staff wishes our community Happy Passover.

Diana Cole
Diana Cole

I am originally from Northern New Jersey, where being Jewish is common. Having Seders, Shabbat Dinners, Break the Fast, and Menorahs, are all common.

My husband, son, and I moved outside of Charleston, S.C., and my new neighbor couldn’t understand why we didn’t have a Christmas tree. Even though I tried to explain and explain.

My family (now of 5) then moved to Atlanta. I contacted a realtor through my now temple (Congregation Dor Tamid) and asked her to place us where the Jews were. Within days of closing in our new home, tragedy struck our family. My mother-in-law succumbed to her war with cancer. We knew no one except for our realtor. She told us to contact Dressler’s Funeral Home. We did and the person we talked to (wish I knew their name) said to come by and pick up a Shavuot yahrzeit candle from their residence. We also contacted the temple to find our realtor and told them the unique situation. Former Rabbi of CDT, Ron Herstik, helped us heal from the tragedy.

Since then, we have joined Congregation Dor Tamid, and are active in the shul. My two older children were presidents of the youth group and both madrichims. My husband is president of the men’s club. We felt like we are united in the Jewish community of Atlanta.

Thank you, Atlanta and CDT, for making us feel like members of the community again.

Happy Passover!

Diana Cole is the community calendar coordinator for the AJT and the assistant of Development and Marketing at JELF.

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