A Very Ladino Purim Song
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A Very Ladino Purim Song

AJMF8 artist Sarah Aroeste has a delightful, animated video for her Ladino/English song for Esther's festival.

A year ago at the AJT we were putting to bed our March 3 issue, featuring a 12-page preview section for the eighth Atlanta Jewish Music Festival, which included two Purim concerts by Sephardic artist Sarah Aroeste.

Sarah Aroeste performed five times during AJMF8. (Photo by Dror-Forshee Photography)

Now, as we’re finishing up our 16-page AJMF9 preview (a pullout section in the March 2 issue), the festival’s Twitter account has brought to our attention the Purim song on Aroeste’s latest album, brought to life in brilliant animation for the music video.

The song mixes English and Ladino, so it’s a learning experience as well as good pre-festival entertainment.

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