AJT’s Pets of 2020

AJT’s Pets of 2020

The Atlanta Jewish Times team takes an opportunity to show off their precious pets. The office maintains a pet friendly policy.

The Atlanta Jewish Times loves all furry, feathered, scaly and even slithery pets. Browse a variety of our teams own household pets.

Mushu – Michael Morris: Owner & Publisher
12-year-old rescued pound pup
Lovely Lilly – Kaylene Ladinsky: Editor & Managing Publisher
7.5-month-old imperial shih tzu
Athena – Brenda Gelfand: Senior Account Manager
2-year-old Persian mix
Scout – Roni Robbins: Associate Editor
11-year-old golden retriever terrier
Munchie – Michal Bonell: Senior Account Manager
14-year-old boxer mix
Squeaks & Rocky – Jodi Danis: Executive Assistant
3-year-old tabbies
Bagel – Lilli Jennison: Creative & Media Designer
1.5-year-old Jackahuahua rescue pup
Dug – Amy Siedner: Community Events & PR Manager
10-year-old Maltese/Yorkie mix
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