Annual College Quiz

Annual College Quiz

Education consultant Mark Fisher offers his yearly college teaser. Some of the correct answers may surprise you.

Dr. Mark Fisher
Dr. Mark Fisher

While the college scene is much different than usual due to the COVID-19 virus, statistics are based on colleges as they existed before the pandemic. Most of the questions posed in this article are from The Chronicle of Higher Education (2020-21) edition. A few questions are inserted from my own college knowledge. One caveat: Each question is based only on the options presented. There may be other colleges ranking higher, but they are not among the choices listed.

1. Congress gave billions via the CARES Act to provide relief to colleges and students facing unexpected costs related to the pandemic. Which college was the top recipient?
A. California State University at Long Beach B. Ohio State University C. Georgia State University D. California State University at Northridge.

2. The college with the best Return on Investment (ROI) was:
A. University of Pennsylvania B. Yale University C. Duke University D. Babson College.

3. Among public institutions, the college with the highest average pay for full professors is:
A. Georgia Tech B. University of Washington C. University of Alabama D. Colorado School of Mines.

4. In the fall of 2018, which public institution had the highest admissions selectivity?
A. UCLA B. Georgia Tech C. University of Virginia D. University of North Carolina.

5. Among private colleges offering doctorates, who had the highest admissions selectivity in the fall of 2018?
A. MIT B. Princeton University C. Cal Tech D. Stanford University.

6. Which private college, at the baccalaureate level, was the most selective in admissions in the 2018-19 year?
A. Amherst College B. Pomona College C. Swarthmore College D. Williams College.

7. The public institution with the largest enrollment for 2018 was:
A. Ohio State University B. University of Florida. C. Rutgers University. D. Penn State University.

8. Which college at the baccalaureate level has the largest enrollment:
A. Middle Georgia State University B. Nevada State College C. University of Arkansas at Fort Smith D. Georgia Gwinnett College.

9. What private college offering undergraduate and doctoral degrees has the largest enrollment?
A. Johns Hopkins University B. University of Pennsylvania C. Cornell University D. Northwestern University.

10. When it comes to political stances at four-year colleges, which was the least popular political view among freshman?
A. Liberal. B. Middle of the road. C. Far left. D. Conservative.

11. The highest number of colleges freshman applied to was:
A. 1 to 5 B. 6 to 10 C. 11 or more D. 15 or more.

12. The percent of Jewish students who entered college was:
A. 2.9 B. 7.8 C. 8.5 D. 10.

13. What was the most expensive four-year private college (before financial aid)?
A. Franklin & Marshall College B. Duke University C. University of Chicago. D. Tulane University.

14. Which major had the most degrees conferred?
A. Engineering B. Health professions and related programs C. Psychology. D. Business management, marketing and related support services.

15. What public college had the best four-year graduation rate?
A. University of North Carolina B. University of Connecticut C. Binghamton University C. University of Vermont D. UCLA

16. Which four-year college had the best graduation rate?
A. Williams College B. Vanderbilt University C. University of Chicago. D. Washington and Lee University.

17. Which college granted the most research doctorates in engineering?
A. MIT B. University of Michigan. C. Purdue University D. Georgia Tech

The following three questions are based on the fastest growing colleges from 2008 to 2018.

18. Among public colleges that offer doctorate degrees, which college was the fastest growing:
A. Oregon State University B. Georgia Southern University C. University of Mississippi D. Georgia Tech.

19. Among these public colleges, which is the fastest growing:
A. University of Maine at Fort Kent B. Georgia Gwinnett College C. University of Hawaii-West Oahu D. Nevada State College.

20. The private college whose enrollment has grown the most was:
A. Worcester Polytechnic Institute B. University of Southern California C. Rice University D. Yale University.

Answers: 1C; 2D; 3A; 4.A; 5D; 6B; 7A; 8D; 9A; 10C; 11A; 12A; 13C; 14D; 15A; 16D; 17 D. 18D; 19B; 20A

Dr. Mark Fisher is a college and career consultant at Fisher Educational Consultants ( and a consultant for the College Planning Institute (

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