Atlanta Community Supports IDF Soldiers Serving in Operation Protective Edge

Atlanta Community Supports IDF Soldiers Serving in Operation Protective Edge



On July 10th, The Friends of the IDF (FIDF) Southeast Region and The Temple welcomed IDF Major General Yaacov Ayish, Israel’s Defense & Armed Forces Attaché to North America, with over 250 FIDF supporters in attendance.

Major General Ayish provided a briefing of the IDF’s current activities associated with Operation Protective Edge. Additionally, General Ayish fielded several questions from the audience ranging from the success of the Iron Dome Missile System to the ongoing search for the Hamas operatives responsible for the kidnapping and murder of the three Yeshiva students.

The program included remarks from IDF Lone Soldier Corporal Asaf Stein, a member the IDF Golani Briage. Corporal Stein, who earned his Ph.D from University of Alabama-Birmingham, addressed the audience about the activities of his unit during the recent operations. Home for a three week Lone Soldier visit, sponsored by the FIDF, Corporal Stein’s trip was cut short as he returned to Israel the next morning in support of Operation Protective Edge.

On Wednesday, July 9th, the IDF asked FIDF and for help to meet specific well-being needs for the soldiers in the field, those operating the Iron Dome Missile Defense System, and those waiting for their next orders. In particular, the IDF has requested toiletry kits and snack packages.

Toiletry kits include towelettes, deodorant, razors, shaving cream, mouthwash and other similar items that will allow the soldiers to maintain basic hygiene while in the field. One kit may be purchased for $36; 10 for $360; 100 for $3,600, etc.

Snack packages include simple, nutritional choices such as peanuts and crackers, as well as Israeli favorites like Bamba and wafers simple that will energize and comfort the soldiers while they face heightened difficulties. Snack packages may be purchased for $18 each; 10 for $180, 100 for $1,800, etc.

During critical and dangerous periods such as this, the support that FIDF provides is particularly necessary. It is the FIDF’s job to make sure that the IDF soldiers have what they need to keep their spirits up, to feel healthy, and to unwind.

The FIDF sends IDF soldiers the message that there are people throughout the world who believe in them, who recognize what they are fighting for, and who have them in their thoughts and hearts as they stand on the front lines.

Editor’s note: If you would like to donate to the IDF Rapid Response Fund, please contact the FIDF Southeast Regional Office at 678-250-9030 or

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