Creating Unexpected Happiness

Creating Unexpected Happiness

How Corso Atlanta is reshaping the way we think about the senior experience.

If you have recently driven past The William Breman Jewish Home, you’ll notice a “city block of Paris” developing next door at 3200 Howell Mill Road. The Parisian-inspired senior living community, Corso Atlanta, is not only reshaping how senior living looks but how we think about the senior experience.

Transforming senior living from a need into a want has been Founder and CEO Tim Gary’s passion for over two decades. Corso Atlanta’s parent company, Galerie Living, began with a single community in Commerce, Ga., in 1996. Since then, Galerie Living continues to lead the senior living industry through award-winning community concepts, expert management, and most uniquely, through creating unexpected happiness.

“Whether you’re 8 or 80, happiness matters,” Gary said. “We define happiness as a feeling of belonging, purpose, comfort, independence and security. It’s in the moments shared around the family dinner table or running into an old friend while getting coffee. Adding chandeliers and Olympic-sized pools will change someone’s surroundings. But finding ways to add connection and joy into an everyday moment – that changes someone’s life.”

Photo courtesy of Corso Atlanta

Galerie Living’s in-house design, operations, and technology teams have worked to build moments of “unexpected happiness” throughout Corso’s 500,000 square feet of residential and common space. The team recognizes the multifaceted approach between infrastructure, programming and technology as critical to building dynamic communities.

“Operations, technology and design must work together to create the sophisticated product seniors are looking for in today’s market.” Chief Operating Officer Kari Samuelson explained. “What sets Corso apart is that the entire campus is engineered to be both beautiful and functional.”

This balance of form and function is largely based on human-scale design principles. Human-scale architecture focuses on creating people-centered environments that foster positive interaction and connection. Corso’s human-led architecture and programming are informed by decades of developing, owning and operating communities for seniors. The minds behind Corso understand that the way people interact with spaces often shifts with age. A family home that was once a place of comfort can slowly become a burden. Stairs, heavy doors and long driveways that once added character to a home can become cumbersome to everyday life, leaving many seniors feeling overwhelmed.

Photo courtesy of Corso Atlanta

Senior Living Consultant Kim Linder has helped many seniors overcome the fear that downsizing their home means downsizing their quality of life.

“When I’m working with seniors planning for their next home, I ask them to consider two questions: ‘Does this add value to my life?’ and ‘What do I want my life to look like now and when I need care?’ Searching for a senior living community requires different considerations than searching for a typical home. It’s less about square footage and more about the services, experiences and relationships improving your everyday life.”

Linder emphasized the importance of planning for potential care needs when choosing a senior community. Needs can arise unexpectedly, resulting in seniors and families scrambling rather than carefully weighing all the options. Planning ahead and asking the right questions provides peace of mind, added control and a smoother transition. For active seniors seeking a vibrant social scene, it’s easy to focus on the services and amenities offered to independent living residents without considering how offerings may shift should care needs arise. More traditional communities may require you to move into a separate building to receive assisted living services or you may have to hire your own caregiver from an outside agency. These are just a few of the questions to ask when choosing your next home.

Corso’s “no-move” care model is especially appealing to those who prefer to plan ahead. Residents of independent living can receive assisted living services without moving to a new residence. While many future residents do not currently need care, it provides peace of mind knowing Corso’s in-house nurses and care staff are there if you need them. Knowing your next-door neighbors will be your neighbors for years to come builds strong ties that are essential to overall happiness.

Photo courtesy of Corso Atlanta

The same commitment to providing seniors with peace of mind, flexibility and control applies to Corso’s leasing model. Unlike more traditional continuum of care communities, there are no large buy-ins or invasive financial assessments. Residents of Corso are in full control over their financial and personal decisions. Corso has to earn the trust of residents and families daily because it is their choice to call Corso Atlanta home.

The community is now pre-leasing city homes, independent living, assisted living and memory care homes. City homes are distinguished by their private front door entrances and patios overlooking Corso’s vibrant courtyards (see image below). In addition to having their own private exterior entrances with a second entrance to the main building, city homes offer refined architectural details such as rounded corners, coffered ceilings, elevated trim work, and top-line appliances, including hidden Sub-Zero refrigerators. The community offers over 45 floorplans including specialty unit styles with added design details. All residents of city homes, independent living, and assisted living have full access to a wide range of destinations, including a formal dining venue, wine and cheese tasting room, bistro, on-site florist, full-service salon and spa, theater, heated pool and more. Each destination is thoughtfully designed to create “familiarity with the past while giving the ability to experience beauty on a day-to-day basis.” Corso also provides unparalleled concierge services such as black car transportation, valet, pool-side service, 24/7 security, and additional services such as private dining in the teahouse, floral arrangement delivery and spa services. Every amenity and service has been intentionally included to make Corso Atlanta a place residents and guests look forward to enjoying together.

To learn more about Corso Atlanta, please visit or call 404-891-9190. You can also visit their new Leasing Center location at 3303 Howell Mill Road beginning on December 7th. Corso’s team of senior living consultants are available Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday by appointment.

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