Hackers Challenge Offers $100,000 Prize

Hackers Challenge Offers $100,000 Prize

The competition, in its fourth year, invites hackers to try to break into computer system online.

The fourth-annual Hackers Challenge will be online April 21 with a $100,000 prize. The competition, which pits hackers against each other to break into Cyber 2.0’s computer system, started in Israel and expanded to Atlanta before going online and worldwide last year.

Over 3,500 hackers from 16 different countries have failed to hack the system during the previous challenges. The fourth challenge in April will be aimed at the European market but is open to hackers anywhere in the world. It is being billed as The Great European Hackers Challenge.

The cybersecurity company is based in Atlanta with international offices in Israel. In its promotion of the challenge, Cyber 2.0 claims its system provides “total defense against the spread of cyber-attacks within the organizational network.”

To register, visit here.

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