Ladinsky Honored as Who’s Who Women of Influence
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Ladinsky Honored as Who’s Who Women of Influence

Atlanta Jewish Times editor and managing publisher, Kaylene Ladinsky is recognized for her influence on local and nationally important and philanthropic issues.

Sasha Heller is the Web Editor and Copy Editor for the Atlanta Jewish Times

Kaylene Ladinsky
Kaylene Ladinsky

Atlanta Jewish Times editor and managing publisher Kaylene Ladinsky was recently honored by Marquis’ Who’s Who of Professional Women and Who’s Who Women of Influence for her dedicated service to community journalism. These honors are in addition to her recent induction into the Who’s Who of America.

A proud Zionist who believes adamantly in the right of Israel to exist as a sovereign nation, Ladinsky uses her platform with the AJT to help keep the Atlanta Jewish community connected, both locally and with Israel.

As editor and managing publisher, Ladinsky oversees business management, directs the editorial budget and takes monthly calls. She is also known for her editorial, “Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter.” Ladinsky maintains professional affiliation with both the National Newspaper Association and the American Jewish Press Association, where she has also served as an executive board member and secretary.

Raised by a family who strongly valued community service, Ladinsky earned an Associate of Science degree in criminal justice from Iowa Central Community College. Prior to that obtained certification in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act by the Federal Trade Commission, in three levels of banking principles by the Federal Reserve System and as a mediation specialist for business contract disputes. Achieving a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Northwestern Ohio in 1998, she obtained certifications from the Medical-Dental-Hospital Business Associates and the American Medical Billing Association in 2000 and in psychology counseling from the Universal Institute in 2010.

Ladinsky’s latest achievement as a Marquis Who’s Who Woman of Influence is very meaningful to her.

Later that year, Ladinsky became president and business owner of Atlanta’s Impress Express, an event planning company. Ladinsky joined the AJT in 2011 and is currently the editor and managing publisher. While Ladinsky retired from Atlanta’s Impress Express in 2022, she remains active with the Atlanta Jewish Times as well as with the two nonprofit organizations she founded: Americans United with Israel, where she has been the chair and president since 2011, and the Atlanta Jewish Life Foundation, where she has been the chief operating officer since 2018.

In her efforts to promote Jewish community and a vibrant and safe Israel, Ladinsky founded Americans United with Israel in response to the conflicts that have plagued Israel since its inception in 1948. Through this organization, Ladinsky promotes democracy and freedom in the Middle East and, today, Americans United with Israel is the largest pro-Israel nonprofit organization in the United States, with roughly 8 million members. She has also lobbied in the state of Tennessee for a joint resolution of pro-Israel support, which was voted on by the Senate, and obtained a proclamation of pro-Israel support from the Georgia governor, Nathan Deal, in 2011.

Ladinsky is also deeply grateful for the wonderful co-workers she has working alongside her. As she looks toward the future, Ladinsky hopes to continue improving and expanding the online presence of her organizations, developing their websites to be as effective as possible. Notably, the AJT was recognized in 2022 with a second place “Best Website” award, and the publication also earned “Best Newspaper Publication in the Country” by the American Jewish Press Association. Ladinsky has also received several Simon Rockower Awards for “Excellence in Jewish Journalism,” which she considers to be the highlights of her career.

Drawn to her career by her family, particularly by her father, who is a police officer, Ladinsky was also inspired by her brothers, one of whom is a police officer on the New Orleans bomb squad and the other a firefighter. Today, she is happily married to her husband, Lou Ladinsky, who works for LexisNexis. Together, they are the proud parents of three children, Carlie, Benjamin, and Bradley. Carlie and Benjamin are both attending college, and Bradley is currently a pre-med student. In her free time, Ladinsky enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

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