Letter to the Editor: AJT Subscriber for 40+ Years

Letter to the Editor: AJT Subscriber for 40+ Years


I want to commend Marcia Jaffe for the Outstanding article she wrote: JUNE 19th Edition, “It’s “IN” to Be Sexually Diverse, It’s Even “INNER” to be Jewishly So”

That is a Long Title! (But, a Great, One!)
I think Ms. Jaffe’s topic touched upon a Very Important Subject, we as readers should all think about.

The United States, though, SLOWLY… is definitely Changing and it is Wonderful, that this Article Focused on several people and how eloquently, They told, “Their Stories.”

I was very pleased, also– to hear several, Atlanta Community Rabbis make their feelings Known on this subject and that is Very important–Informative.

I learned something I previously did not know, that there Are More, Rabbis “Willing & Happy in Atlanta to perform Same Sex Marriage Ceremonies and Commitment Ceremonies.”

That is the Way it Should Be–in my opinion. EQUALITY For ALL.

Back in 2012, Our Daughter Married her Longtime Partner. We were So Happy that after 10 years of Sharing Their Lives, They, Too, wanted to Marry in a Religious Ceremony. We were So Very Happy and Honored, that We Met and Learned, that Wonderful, Rabbi Steven Lebow of Temple Kol Emeth would: “Gladly Officiate at Their Wedding–With Pleasure!”

Everyone commented “Rabbi Steve” performed a Beautiful, Meaningful Ceremony and it could not have been a More Wonderful, Simcha for Our Family.

After that Event, Our Family did travel to NYC, so They could Make Their Marriage “Legal” because of the “Attitude/Law in the State of Georgia.” They were Married There, as well but Rabbi Lebow Made Their Wedding Day–”Absolutely, Fantastic & Joyous!”

We Thank Him–for That, So Much. Prior to contacting Rabbi Lebow, I called the Current, President of The Atlanta Rabbinical Council at that time, seeking the name of a Rabbi, who would be “Willing to Marry Our Daughter & her Partner.” (Her Future Wife) That Rabbi, whose Name will not be mentioned here, stated and I quote: “I can’t help you and I do not know of ANY Rabbi, who will do that.” I also had Another Rabbi in Atlanta state very “sternly”…..”No, I will Not, Marry Them.” This was a Rabbi, who knew my family, personally, and His attitude and tone was extremely Sad, for me to hear.

In conclusion, Thank You, Rabbis in Atlanta and Elsewhere, who have Come to Realize, All Same Sex Couples, Should have the Privilege–Like, Every Loving, Committed Couple, to Be Married in a Jewish Ceremony, Surrounded by Family and Friends–To Have a SIMCHA!

Yes, “The Times They Are, A Changin’’ and Thank You, Ms. Jaffe for Your Excellent, article. It Made My Heart Feel Good, as a Parent of a Wonderful, Same Sex Couple, who are So Happy and just Celebrated, Their 2nd Anniversary! Your article hopefully, Educated Many people about this Important Subject–Thank you.

Sign Me,
“A Subscriber to the AJT for 40+ Years!”

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