Letter to the Editor: Dan Friedman
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Letter to the Editor: Dan Friedman

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The Senate runoff between Rev. Raphael Warnock and Sen. Kelly Loeffler gives the Georgia Jewish community a rare opportunity for clarity on the candidate’s positions on Israel and the Middle East. Both candidates must answer the following burning questions:

1. Do you believe the American Embassy should remain in Jerusalem?

2. Would you reinstate President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal, or lift the sanctions imposed by President Trump?

3. Do you support President Trump’s position on the Golan Heights, or do you consider it “occupied territory”?

4. Do you support the Abraham Accords? And as senator, how would you foster the growing detente between Israel and its Arab neighbors?

These are pressing issues facing Jews in Georgia and across this country. Past statements are too easily misinterpreted or side-stepped for political purposes. But these are the questions of the moment, and both candidates need to step up and answer them in public and on the record.

Dan Friedman, New York City

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