Letter to the Editor: Elizabeth Bartlett
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Letter to the Editor: Elizabeth Bartlett

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As individuals are elected to an office, they are chosen to guide while representing those who voted for them, but this is not what Schumer is doing. He has allowed his hate for President Trump to impede his elected duties enough to endanger America by doing nothing.

The Democrats have been doing what they want for years, and one of Trump’s promises was to “clean the swamp” in Washington, which is a good reason they don’t like him. Think of what Schumer has done. An illegal search to obtain Republican Michael Steele’s social security number; sold U.S. uranium to Russia and hosted Putin in New York City in 2003 celebrating LUKOIL gas stations coming to the USA; a public letter to the Internal Revenue Service to redefine 501(c)(4), which led to Lois Lerner targeting conservative organizations, and the list goes on; he was never prosecuted or questioned.

For years at taxpayer’s expense those in Washington do these things, and Trump wants to stop it.

Elizabeth Bartlett, Richmond Hill, Ga

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