Letter to the Editor: Ellyn Jeager
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Letter to the Editor: Ellyn Jeager

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My question to Jews who are voting for Trump is this, would you vote for an anti-Semite? If you are outraged by this question you clearly did not hear that Trump will not condemn the hate groups across the country but has simply told them to “stand by.” Jews are not a race, not white or black but a “people.” As Jews we have an obligation not only to God, but to humanity. Our values are kindness, care and dignity not for one but for all. Deep in your heart, do you truly believe this is what Trump represents? This is not even about Democrat vs. Republican, because Trump is not a Republican, he is a demagogue. So, my question stands, why are you voting for an avowed anti-Semite?

Ellyn Jeager, Roswell

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