Letter to the Editor: Lynne Schultz
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Letter to the Editor: Lynne Schultz

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I read with great interest the two opinion pieces by Chuck Berk and Michael Rosenzweig on “Why Jews Should Vote For…” I take issue with some points.

Mr. Berk set forth his reasons why Jews should vote for President Trump. He addressed the ways President Trump repaired our imperfect world:
• for the Black community and other minorities
• on foreign policy with China, USMCA [United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement], NATO, Iran
• at the UN
• with Israel, from his flight from Saudi Arabia to Tel Aviv in May 2017 (chutzpah!) to peace agreements with UAE and Bahrain

Mr. Rosenzweig identified how Mr. Biden repaired our imperfect world: the Iran Deal. Really? The cash the Obama-Biden Administration sent to Iran funded ISIS. I watched with horror the acts ISIS perpetrated on individuals. Iran was on track to have nuclear weapons by the end of the 10-year deal.

On numerous occasions, President Trump declared that children, born and unborn, are created in the image of God, including:
• his 2019 State of the Union address and more recently,
• the March for Life on Jan. 24
• the Al Smith dinner on Oct. 1
• on Oct. 2 in celebration of the Down Syndrome Awareness month

A search on “Joe Biden created in the image of God” produced no results.

Decent and compassionate? What father would put his son in harm’s way for his own personal benefit—to the tune of millions? Joe Biden.

Pomposity vs. Corruption, this is the choice. Biblical principles have never failed us.

Lynne Schultz, Atlanta

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