Letter to the Editor: Netania Cortell
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Letter to the Editor: Netania Cortell

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As I was turning the pages of the catalogue in the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, seeing all of these great and intriguing movies, I came across one that is extremely disturbing: “Soros.” This “Soros” film (yes, there is another one that shows the truth about this monster) is about all the “good” things Soros has done. I’m not sure how the AJFF can put the words “tikkun olam” (repairing the world) with someone who has made his obnoxious wealth on countries’ failures.

I’m not too sure how on one page is “The Auschwitz Report” (which premieres on Shabbat, going against what we, as Jews, fight and live for) and on the other page, “Soros.” George Soros benefited off of Jews who were being forced to leave their homes during the 1940s. I think showing this film is an absolute disgrace to the Jewish community and Christian world. I really am so disappointed in the AJFF. How do we as Jews allow this man to be celebrated? If someone wants to see what this evil heartless person is, please watch, “Billionaire Radical: George Soros and the Scheme to Remake America” on Salemnow. I hope in the future the AJFF will not try to be so “progressive and provocative” and actually see both sides of a story and do their part in not spreading lies of a devil of a person, if they’re going to play this sort of insulting movie.

Netania Cortell, Atlanta

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