Letter to the Editor: Stewart B. Epstein
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Letter to the Editor: Stewart B. Epstein

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It is now long past the time that the well-known national Democrats, including those in the US Congress, put the kibosh on the dishonest political strategy of many conservative Republicans of calling Democrats names such as “socialists,” “Marxists,” and “communists” when not a single Democrat is a true socialist. This can be done by honestly educating and informing the public on what a true socialist does and does not believe. This red baiting by Republicans reminds me so much of what Joe McCarthy and McCarthyism did.

In actuality, there is more truth in the claim that many of today’s Republicans in Congress are Scrooge-like “Survival-of-the-Fittest” Social Darwinists.


Stewart B. Epstein

P.S. I am a retired college professor of Sociology and Social Work who taught at West Virginia University, Slippery Rock University, and SUNY-Brockport. I am also a volunteer for and with an organization called “Times Up Now” which fights against “Sexual Harassment” in all parts of our society.

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