Letter to the Editor: Susan Cohen
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Letter to the Editor: Susan Cohen

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We Jews are Finally Waking Up

Last year, most of the Democrat presidential candidates met last year at the J Street conference to explain why the United States should pressure the State of Israel to make concessions to terrorists, explain support for the Obama Iran Deal as well as other anti-Israel topics. However, in contrast, at the AIPAC meeting (non-partisan, pro-Israel), not ONE single presidential candidate showed up. The New Democratic Party made a huge statement to the Jewish community … they didn’t show up, but some of the prominent congressional leaders still “mouth” some support for Jews and Israel (not actions). Many others don’t even pretend to support us.

What is J Street? It is an organization that describe themselves as “Pro-Israel, Pro-peace” but when one looks deeper … it is anything but the above. They are radical left. They welcome BDS [Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions] (anti-Israel) lobbyists to their meetings as well as other anti-Israel factions. They have supported Jon Ossoff in 2017 and presently. He has received over $50,000 from them for this campaign. To view their website, one has to be vetted. What does that even mean?

How many Pro-Israel Jews have ties to Al Jazeera? He has done at least 10 films with them. (As a Jew, would you make pro-Nazi films even if it’s for business?)

He has received PAC funding from outside of the state of Georgia. (Hmmm, he said he never takes PAC funding).

He worked five years for Rep. Hank Johnson, a known anti-Semite, who used the term “Jews are like termites” referring to the Jewish settlers in Israel? (Didn’t Hitler compare the Jews to termites?)

Yes, he is young, energetic, good-looking, fast-talking and people are now watching who he affiliates with … not just what he says …

Ted Terry, one of the most radical far left politicians in the state of Georgia, endorses Ossoff, according to the AJC. What do these endorsements tell us? We Jews are FINALLY waking up!

Susan Cohen. Tifton, Georgia

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