Letter to the Editor: Toby Block
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Letter to the Editor: Toby Block

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Letter to the editor,

I’m writing in the hopes of putting Reuben Haller’s fears to rest in the Feb 15, 2023, issue.

There have been multiple, large rallies against the proposed judicial reforms outside the Knesset there, resulting in no arrests, no protestors attacking the police or being attacked by the police, no vandalism. Democracy remains strong in Israel.

As evidenced by recent history (five national elections in the past three years), Israelis have a wide range of opinions on matters of governance. During the last three decades, the Supreme Court has tacked more to the left while a surge in terrorist attacks has moved many Israeli voters toward the right, seeking a government that would fight more effectively against those trying to destroy the nation-state of the Jews. Israelis supporting judicial reform oppose unelected judges having the ability to overrule the voice of the people as expressed by elected Members of the Knesset. Those against the proposed judicial reforms think

Prime Minister Netanyahu is simply trying to avoid being found guilty of the charges that have been brought against him. The fact that his trial has dragged on for three years lends support to the views of American attorney and former federal prosecutor Arthur Fergensen, who called the 93-page, 330-witness indictment against Netanyahu a clear case of the judiciary attempting to criminalize politics and prevent the government from functioning.

Toby Block, Atlanta

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