Letters to the Editor: Oct. 12, 2018

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 12, 2018

Readers respond to recent issues in the Atlanta Jewish Times.

The Atlanta Jewish Times welcomes letters so readers have an opportunity to engage with our community in constructive dialogue.
The Atlanta Jewish Times welcomes letters so readers have an opportunity to engage with our community in constructive dialogue.

Letter to the editor:

Response to: What does being Jewish mean to you?

Judaism is in my blood and I am feeling very blessed to live a Jewish life. These are seven main reasons why being Jewish is important to me:

1. Family

2. Education is the key to survive.

3. Desire for self-knowledge, self-evaluation: Counting Omer and counting 60 days till Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan (from Meaningful Life Center). We are to cover our eyes during Shema, in order to find inside happiness.

4. Celebration of Shabbat. Research has proven that one day a week with family and no TV, smart phone, computer, no technology at all will increase productivity and bring more happiness and joy, and this is what Shabbat is about.

5. Eating kosher meat is healthier because the toxins are in the blood.

6. Self-discipline

7. We start to celebrate every holiday late in the evening when it is dark in order to remind us that we need to go through pain, suffering, hard work, difficult times in order to become successful, happy and to live a meaningful life.

Galina Barshay, Atlanta

Letter to the editor:

Response to: Trump Supports Two-State Solution, published Oct. 5, 2018

President Trump surely shares Prime Minister Netanyahu’s vision of Two States for Two Peoples: a Palestinian state living peacefully beside the nation-state of the Jews, with full civil rights guaranteed to minority groups in each state.

Unfortunately, the Palestinian leaders’ idea of two states is a Palestine from which all Jews have been banned and an Israel which has become a Muslim state with Jews being massacred following a military defeat or Jews being reduced to dhimmi status in an Israel forced to absorb millions of people, whose forebears fled Arab-initiated wars and who’ve been taught that their problems started when the hated Jews stole their land.

The chances for real peace would be greatly enhanced if Arab nations seeking Israel’s help against the Iranian threat would rescind their laws barring Palestinians from citizenship in their countries. This would provide a new lease on life for Palestinians who don’t want to live in a Jewish state or under the control of corrupt Palestinian leaders. Muslim states should also help in rebuilding the economies in areas under Palestinian control, with aid being carefully monitored to ensure that the funds aren’t diverted to enrich the Palestinian leaders or used to attack Israel.

Toby F. Block, Atlanta

Letter to the editor:

Response to: Letter from Jewish Democratic Women’s Salon, published Oct. 5, 2018

There seems to be support for the Democrats in the upcoming state house elections based more on resistance than reality. I think what is overlooked is the accomplishments of the past 16 years since the Georgia Republican Revolution started in 2002 and overseen by governors Purdue, Deal and now hopefully Brian Kemp. Most of the Jewish population lives in the independent cities of Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Milton, Dunwoody or Brookhaven. None existed before 2002. The formation of these cities was blocked for more than 10 years by Democratic governors and legislatures. No matter what was presented in money or tribute, the Democrats were happy to take the taxes of North Fulton and return
only 10 percent for inadequate police and fire protection, poor road repair and overall poor services, transferring our money to other parts of the county. One look at the new City Springs center and voter satisfaction with their living surroundings shows how valuable this was. Greenspace has increased exponentially in your local areas after years of Democratic lip service to improvements.

Republican governors have visited Israel twice. Republican governors brought home over a dozen businesses that are now centered in Georgia. If you doubt this, please call Conexx and see how strong our business relationship with Israel has grown in the past 16 years. Check out the joint research and development negotiated by Republicans with Georgia Tech and Emory and Israel. Republicans changed the state rules in 2003, allowing the Georgia pension plan for employees to buy Israel bonds for the first time. Georgia for the past 14 years has owned between $5 million and now $20 million in bonds from Israel. The Democrats in their years of control of the state government never did that. Brian Kemp is already on record to continue buying bonds, to visit Israel within a year, and to continue the legislation passed by Republicans preventing state business with BDS supporting entities. See if Ms. Abrams will continue these pro-Israel and pro-development policies.

Lastly, Georgia has ranked for the past five years as either number one or two for pro-business in the entire country. Unemployment for Georgia is at all time lows, as is employment for African-Americans, Hispanics and other minorities at all-time highs. State revenue keeps rising and businesses invest in Georgia. Through innovation and low taxes for both individuals and corporations, Georgia has become the number one place to produce movies and television. When you see Ozark on Netflix, you are seeing Lake Altoona. The Walking Dead are alive and well in Griffin and south Atlanta.

So why resist? Why change leadership and vision when things are going so well for the Peach State? I am voting for Brian Kemp and I am urging men and women, salons and outdoor people, and people who love Israel to keep the good times rolling and Georgia moving.

Dr. Jeffrey A. Kunkes, Atlanta

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