Michal Bonell’s 2022 Passover Message

Michal Bonell’s 2022 Passover Message

Michal Bonell shares her inspiration and thoughts on this year's Passover holiday with the community.

I get so excited to hear inspirational speakers discuss living fearlessly, motivating us to follow our dreams, find our path and live without limit! I was listening to my favorite podcast, which featured Emmanuel Acho, former NFL linebacker, now sports broadcaster and analyst, webcaster and New York Times bestselling author. Acho is a burst of positive energy who was promoting his new book “Illogical.” The book discusses living life without limit.

After setting a goal and coming short, Acho shifted paradigms, making the conscious decision to never set goals again. Since then, he hasn’t looked back, and feels his new outlook has led him to his greatest accomplishments.

“Behind every triumph, every expression of his gifts, Acho has had to ignore what everyone around him called “logic”: the astronomical odds against making it, the risks of continuing to dream bigger or differently. Instead of playing it safe, at every turn Acho has thrown conventional wisdom―logic―out the window. Now, in this revelatory book, he’s empowering us all to do the same.

“Whether it’s creating the next groundbreaking startup, fighting for change as an activist, or committing to a personal passion, “Illogical” is the go-to book for all readers ready to become change-makers. With a step-by-step guide to finding our callings and shifting our mindsets, enlivened by stories from Acho’s life and other illogical pioneers, and the Bible, Acho asks us to replace the limits set for us, and which we set for ourselves, with a world of possibility. Our horizons, he shows us, are endless.” (Amazon)

The Passover story is about breaking free of barriers, a story of hope and courage. I wanted to share this “illogical” lifestyle concept with anyone who may need a boost of encouragement to follow their dream(s). Perhaps it will get you inspired!

Michal Bonell is senior account manager and team supervisor for the Atlanta Jewish Times.

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