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One Tough Woman

Nancy Grace’s ‘Don’t Be A Victim’ offers tons of practical and protective advice from experts and families.

After 37 years with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and now with the AJT, , Jaffe’s focus is lifestyle, art, dining, fashion, and community events with emphasis on Jewish movers and shakers.

Nancy Grace, a tough high-profile broadcast commentator-prosecutor, complied 350 pages of jamming and jammed in information that might do two things: 1- Cause extreme anxiety in digesting all the real-world dangers lurking around every corner. 2-Save heartache and ultimately lives by getting the mind in defensive gear with proactive strategies.

“Don’t be a Victim: Fighting Back Against America’s Crime Wave” is broken into five parts: Protecting Children, Yourself, Travel, Cyber Crimes, and the Elderly. Along the way, she plugs in the true, but absolute worse legal cases to substantiate the risks. What if dreaded household names such as Jaycee Dugard, who was kidnapped and held captive for 18 years, had taken the precautions described in this book?

Grace’s book is a pragmatic guide with precautionary tips on how to stay safe in current times.

Back pedal to Grace’s original motivation for getting so involved in this pursuit when, at 19, her fiancé was murdered. Some of Grace’s advice may be common sense. Then there all the newer or evolving as life changes/ “in your face” issues like phishing, internet dating, using Uber, parties gone wild, using child care, protecting yourself while jogging, shopping at a mall, camping or at a concert. Speaking of malls, a friend hid in the Bloomingdale’s dressing room for hours during a shootout in the food court at Lenox Square.

If you have a child going off to college or into the working world, this would be an eye-opening exercise. Think about checking a teenager’s text message codes: 303=mom; 53X=sex, CD9=parents are around; LMIRL = Let’s meet in real life, just to name a few. The Travel chapter is enlightening. Staying above the seventh floor decreases chances of fire, and try calling yourself at the hotel to see if the desk clerk gives out your room number. Riding an elevator could be another platform for assault. If you have a parent entering a senior facility, this is a valuable guide.

Question her courage? She was a contestant (squished into a sequined costume) on “Dancing with the Stars.” Dr. Phil McGraw in his book “Life Code” said “There are no victims, only volunteers.”

Grace, a Macon native, concludes, “Keep the faith, fight the good fight, stay strong to the finish.” It’s cruel and crazy world just walking down the street. Bottom line: forewarned is forearmed.

Nancy Grace presents “Don’t Be a Victim” 8 p.m. Oct. 27 as part of the fall lineup for the Book Festival of the MJCCA.

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