Spring Hall is ‘A Rainbow of Opportunity’
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Spring Hall is ‘A Rainbow of Opportunity’

“Our specialty is to cooperate and to see their vision and bring it to life,” Lazarian said.

An example of a Jewish wedding that used Spring Hall’s “grand decor” package.
An example of a Jewish wedding that used Spring Hall’s “grand decor” package.

Eti Lazarian’s 5-year-old daughter came up with the name Spring Hall when the event venue opened in the spring of 2016. With an event ballroom, an Atlanta Kosher Commission-certified kitchen and individual touches such as a crystal table and LED bar, the idea behind the project was to design a venue that would fill the need for a beautiful event location that was also affordable.

Eti Lazarian operates Spring Hall and plans to expand it soon.

“Our specialty is to cooperate and to see their vision and bring it to life,” Lazarian said. “You feel like when you go there, there’s something magical about this place. I can’t explain it. It looks like a Russian, European style ballroom.”

Lazarian fell in love with Spring Hall the moment she visited and recognized a potential for an elegant venue with columns and high ceilings that would give people the opportunity to have gorgeous and unique events without the exorbitant cost. “You either have the really inexpensive places, which are like the clubhouse, or the synagogue. … Then you have the hotels, which are gorgeous, but you have to pay with your mortgage payment and a kidney.”

She also wanted to make sure that clients have the freedom for their event to match their vision. “You can use your own catering, your own vendors for alcohol. Our specialty really is being frugal, helping people create the most amazing event possible for a fraction of what it costs.”

Often, venues will require that clients use their services for decorations, catering and vendors, Lazarian said. Spring Hall doesn’t require that but offers those services as well if the clients choose them. “We can be as involved or not involved as you want,” she said. “We have amazing chefs, an incredible designer. It’s super creative, what my designer does, other people will charge $16,000 to do. … It’s an in-house package; you can get everything, a full design package up to the last candle and flower.” If they choose, clients are able to bring in their own vendors and decorations.

At this bat mitzvah, Spring Hall turned the ballroom into a chapel.

“Our specialty is working with the client from start to finish and to hold their hand and make sure they get whatever they need, if they want that,” Lazarian said. As an Israeli, she admires the more unique weddings and b’nai mitzvah parties that are common there. “People are so creative, doing incredible things. They bring a Moroccan DJ and build a whole tent.” She wanted to replicate that creativity and openness at Spring Hall. 

The first thing Lazarian did when she acquired Spring Hall, before she opened the doors to clients, was call in a rabbi to see what needed to be done to create a kosher kitchen. It’s now part of the core package for Jewish events. Lazarian described an event she went to at a hotel, where they were charging $1,000 just to open the kosher kitchen. “That’s ridiculous. The kitchen is already there,” she said. For most events, Spring Hall uses real glassware. For kosher events where disposable cutlery is necessary, being environmentally conscious is a priority and the social hall limits the use of materials such as straws.

Spring Hall is available for all levels of Jewish observance. Along with the availability of kosher food, “We do separate weddings for women and men, mechitzah in the middle. We understand that need,” she said. 

Chabad of Gwinnett held their 18th anniversary gala at Spring Hall.

Lazarian said she loves all of the Jewish events she’s done. “I can’t choose! I did an incredible event for the Atlanta Scholars Kollel, which I loved. I did an incredible event for Chabad of Gwinnett,” she said. “What I loved is they had a huge committee and put everybody in charge of something. Everybody that did something just did it perfectly. No hiccups, everybody knew what they were doing. We helped them if they needed help, but it was just incredible.”

The flexibility of Spring Hall has allowed it to be the choice of a diverse clientele, along with the Jewish events. They’ve done Korean, Latino, Moroccan, Guinean, Ethiopian, Pakistani, and Indian events. “This is the beauty of Spring Hall; it is a rainbow of opportunity.”

Lazarian travels often and picks up ideas from around the world. “The crystal table from Italy is a special crystal table nobody has. It’s gorgeous,” she said. It comes at no extra cost – everything is included in the core package. “We’re very conscious about spending money in the right direction. … We want people to remember your event. What’s memorable? The food, the DJ, and of course, the place.”

This crystal table, which comes with the decor package, was ordered from Italy.

When Lazarian speaks about Spring Hall it’s obvious how deeply she cares for it. “Spring Hall is my sweetheart, my pride and joy. Every time someone comes to have an event, they see the love. We treat everybody like royalty,” she said. The other day Spring Hall hosted a wedding in which the groom was having difficulty tying his bowtie. In the middle of the event, the Spring Hall general manager ran to Burlington and got him a bowtie that was already tied. “We love our clients,” Lazarian said. “I’m there for every event, enjoying every event. I’m living and breathing this. It’s my everything.”

The venue plans to expand soon. It expects to open a Mediterranean restaurant next door that will eventually be available for catering, and Spring Hall will be creating an outdoor space in the near future: “I understand the importance of the Jewish wedding to get married outside under the sky. We’re working on it. We will have it. We don’t have a date yet but it’s coming soon.”

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